So, you’re moving to the Pacific Northwest. It’s a busy and exciting time. What do you have to look forward to once boxes are unpacked?

Every place has its pros and cons and it’s good to take an honest look at the big picture when moving.

But the Pacific Northwest is truly special. Its diverse geography, wide-ranging lifestyle options, and unique vibe make it a popular place to call home. You’ll discover there are many terrific reasons to land in the northwest corner of the U.S.

8 Great Reasons to Move to the Pacific Northwest

Here are eight things that capture the beauty, diversity, and flavor of living in the Pacific Northwest.

1. The outdoors: Enjoying nature is second nature when you live in the Pacific Northwest. The mountains, ocean, fresh lakes, and miles of “come explore” trails make it easy to step outside and join in outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to rowing, boating, and skiing.

2. The food: “Pacific Northwest cuisine” is casually distinctive and celebrates the foods and flavors of the region. Indulge in the freshest seafood, foraged wild veggies, and organic and local produce imaginatively prepared and served alongside microbrews and award-winning regional wines.

3. The arts & culture: Perhaps thanks to its natural beauty, the PNW is a creative hothouse. Find your inner artist or immerse yourself as an audience member in whatever inspires you: Symphony, theatre, opera, dance, museums, art galleries, and live music venues are all coming back.

4. The sports: The Pacific Northwest is home to several professional sports teams. If football, basketball, baseball, or soccer are your passion, get ready for game day. You’ll find kindred spirits in a lot of other loyal fans ready to cheer on the home team.

5. The local bounty: An abundant array of fruit grows in the Pacific Northwest where the climate is ideal for berries and fruit trees. Go out and “u pick” your favorites or savor fresh local harvest from your neighborhood grocer – and plan to drive the Hood River Fruit Loop in its springtime glory.

6. The mountains: Magnificent mountain peaks extend throughout the PNW. From Mount Baker in the North to Southern Oregon’s Mount Bachelor, they are familiar scenic backdrops and must-visit destinations. Mount Hood is referred to affectionately by many Portland locals simply as “The Mountain.”

7. The ocean: Head west from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean for an experience that will rejuvenate and reward. Walk the beaches, breathe in the salt air, have a bowl of clam chowder, take in the view. You’ll be under the Pacific’s spell.

8. The sun: Yes, the sun. The Northwest has a reputation for gray skies and plenty of rain. Be ready to invest in quality waterproof gear. But the rain keeps things lush and green. And when the sun comes out, we appreciate it even more. There’s nothing like summer in the PNW!

The Pacific Northwest invites a life of work and play. Of exploration and stopping to enjoy the moment. It is rich in history and natural beauty. It’s a great place to call home.

Challenges of Living in the Pacific Northwest

While there are many pros to the Pacific Northwest, there are some cons as well and it might not be quite right for you. Here are four challenges to living here:

1. Weather: Back to the rain. It does rain a lot. And if it’s not raining, it’s often gray. The skies in the Pacific Northwest can be overcast and gloomy many months of the year.

2. Expense: The cost of living in the Pacific Northwest rivals some of the costliest markets in the country. From food to gas to real estate, it’s an expensive place to call home.

3. Population: Thanks to its popularity, population in the Pacific Northwest has exploded in recent years, leading to higher housing costs and traffic, particularly in urban hot spots.

4. Homelessness: Like other cities and regions across the country, the Pacific Northwest is increasingly dealing with issues of homelessness and affordable housing.

Do the pros outweigh the cons of living in the Pacific Northwest? We think so!

Where to Move in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is wonderfully varied in its geography and lifestyles, from urban living to suburban settings to rural farmland – and Oregon has something for everyone. The people who live here are just as diverse. Whether you’re moving to Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon, towards the coast, or Portland proper, you’ll find a great place to land, neighbors to welcome you, and a pace to suit your style.

The Pacific Northwest’s attributes, from food to nature to culture, offer professional opportunities of all sorts. The Seattle and Portland metro areas are central to leaders in the tech and healthcare industries. If you’re in tech, medicine, the arts, or education, moving to the PNW can be a career boost.

Moving to Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is the largest city in the state. Divided east and west by the Willamette River and separated into five distinctive districts, the Portland-metro region attracts new residents with an array of livable neighborhoods. Some of our favorite areas include:

Portland’s neighborhoods are like small communities, each with its own unique energy and character. They are typically walkable and offer nearby amenities, public transit, parks, and schools. You’ll find a range of affordability and an eclectic mix of housing styles to choose from.

The housing market is competitive, and rentals come at a premium. However, Portland remains a less expensive West Coast city alternative to Seattle to the north. Whether you’re a student, just starting out, growing a family or ready to relax and retire, you can find the perfect home here.

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