Our Storage Facility in Hillsboro, Oregon

Sometimes, in the process of moving, our clients discover that they need to put some extra stuff in storage. There are many reasons for this, but it is always for the best when one’s moving company can provide storage. This streamlines the process when the same moving truck which carries your bed to your new home can then take all of your extra furniture to an off-site unit until you can decide what to do with it.

Storage Dimensions

  • 4000 square feet of storage space in our Hillsboro warehouse
  • Our large units are 8 feet wide by 22.5 feet deep by 12 feet tall
  • Our smaller units are 8 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 12 feet tall

Our storage facilities allow plenty of space, in varying dimensions, to suit all of your storage needs. We provide two different size units to suit your storage needs. We can also load your unit so you get the most out of your space, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.

I could not be more pleased with the services of Priority Moving along with Josh and Tony. Josh was very prompt and thorough in answering my many questions and concerns. They were very professional, speedy, on-time, and at a competitive rate. We will absolutely use their services again and recommend them to anyone who can use their services.

– Kelly Burnett

Great experience! This company gave me a quote over the phone and no hidden fees. Kevin and Chris were dispatched to move a very heavy media cabinet from one location to another. They were professional, polite and clean cut. It was a pleasure doing business with Priority Moving Services, I will definitely use them again.

– Dawn Des Brisay

How to Use Your Storage Space

When you move your items in to storage, if you arrange your items well, you can make the most of the space. For instance, you may need to store your summer sports equipment and also your snow skis, snowshoes, and Holiday decorations. So, try to put these items at the front of the space where you can easily access them. You will have to prioritize them according to which season is coming up sooner, but leave the later season’s gear not far behind. Then, you can facilitate an easier switch when that time comes.

You’ll want to save as much space as possible. So, try to consolidate your items as well as you can. If you’ve unpacked some of your books for the house but are storing the rest, work on putting them all in the same box. If you’re storing a dresser, you can fill those drawers with items. Use masking tape to label the drawers in case you need to access some of the contents later. If you are so inclined, you might also want to invest in some inexpensive metal shelves so that items can be easily accessed. This is best for the things you will be most likely to return for, such as tools, sports equipment, and clothing.

Know What You Store!

We’ve seen customers make an itemized list of the items in storage. This will be helpful later if, for example, you go searching for a special sweater and cannot find it anywhere. You look high and low because you know you didn’t put it in storage. However, you did, and if it’s on the list you can save yourself time and a few worry lines. For those of us who love the computer, make a list on your computer and even back it up in a service like Google Drive, which can be accessed using a smartphone.

We want your moving experience to be the very best possible, and that includes storage. Check our moving rates and reserve the space you need!