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Laurelhurst Moving Guide

The Laurelhurst neighborhood on Portland’s East side straddles Burnside Avenue, the north-south divide of the city. It is east of Cesar Chavez Boulevard, leaving it plenty close-in to downtown and all of the fun and culture of the city. The neighborhood even has an eponymous park which is ambling and beautiful.

Laurelhurst Park Portland

A Unique System

While most of Portland is organized on a grid system, Laurelhurst is an anomaly. The streets bend and curve in ways which often confuse non-residents. In fact, many Portlanders have gotten lost when they’ve taken a wrong turn into the neighborhood, looking for an easy cut-through to the Northeast side or to the Hollywood neighborhood. Fear not, it’s not really difficult once a person spends a few minutes figuring out the logic of the street system.

Culture and DiningLaurelhurst Theater Portland

While Laurelhurst’s winding street system might remind one of a suburban subdivision, residents are not cut off from culture at all. A quick walk can find you at one of Portland’s premier music shops or at the Whole Foods. Just to the east of there is the Laurelhurst Theater, where viewers can see last season’s blockbuster and enjoy a locally-brewed beer and a slice of pizza – or choose a vegan, meaty, or other selection from the copious menu.

Mt. Tabor

To the west of Laurelhurst, Mt Tabor presides over the city. The mountain is an extinct volcano which has historically been home to the city’s reservoirs, though federal regulations may soon put tha to an end. Nevertheless, Mt Tabor offers a challenging climb for cyclists and walkers alike. At the top, city residents can enjoy a fantastic view over the town and it’s an excellent spot to watch a summer sunset with a picnic of local foods and a cold beverage of local extraction.

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Laurelhurst Park 

No discussion of the Laurelhurst neighborhood can be complete without mentioning Laurelhurst Park. This park was built in 1912 and was designed to conform with the Olmsted Plan. Frederick Law Olmsted designed New York City’s Central Park, and was integral to Chicago’s 1893 Columbian Exposition, among many Chicago parks. We are lucky to have this great park!

Moving to Laurelhurst? 

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