Hillsboro Neighborhood Guide

Moving to and Living in Hillsboro Oregon

Hillsboro Oregon aerial view

The City

Hillsboro is a prominent Portland suburb which lies to the west of downtown in Washington County.

Hillsboro is an exciting part of the Greater Portland area that offers a wide array of recreational, educational, career, and cultural opportunities. If you are thinking of moving to Hillsboro, you are making a great decision! It is more than a bedroom community or a suburb, as it is home to major corporations, but it also maintains a quiet, suburban repose that will offer peace and quiet when you arrive home from work. It is convenient to a full range of outdoor opportunities which can keep you and your family occupied all year-round.

Career Opportunities in the Silicon Forest

Hillsboro is at the center of the Silicon Forest, creating hardware and software products which are vital to the running of the Pacific Northwest, and the rest of the United States.

Intel has a major plant here in Hillsboro where they create silicon wafers to power the world’s most powerful computers. The Intel campus offers over 16,000 people work every single day. TriQuint Semiconductor is also in Hillsboro, employing 982 persons, and Lattice Semiconductor is here, too. So, if you’re interested in computer hardware, Hillsboro is the place. New software companies like SalesForce are also making their home in Hillsboro.

The area is colloquially known as the Silicon Forest, a play on Silicon Valley down in the Bay Area, and there are tons of software companies sprouting up to prove that true. Local computer geniuses created a new crytpocurrency, Dogecoin, and the fertile creative environment keeps producing cutting edge applications every day.

Proximity to Portland

Downtown Portland offers daily opportunities to see famous and local authors read from their work, film festivals featuring national and global cinematic treats, and a panoply of musical performances. The cafes feature art from the city’s hotbed of creativity, not to mention the best coffee in the world. Foodies will never run out of restaurants to try before even getting to the brilliant food carts.

EducationOrenco Park in Hillsboro

When it is time to get the kids off to school, they will not have to go far. The area public K-12 system is incredible. Then, when the time comes, there are a plethora of great colleges to choose from. Portland is home to Portland State University, which has a full range of graduate and undergraduate programs. They are working hard to keep Portland at the forefront of social and technological innovation. Reed College offers an Ivy League caliber education on a small campus in Southeast Portland, and nearby Lewis and Clark University continually produces some of the area’s finest minds. Add to this University of Portland in North Portland and the mind-blowing community college system and you have a recipe for a world-class brain trust.

Out and About

When you and the family are ready to get out for a weekend adventure, you do not have to look far. The ocean is less than a two-hour drive to the west, and Mount Hood is about the same distance to the east. Mount Hood offers year-round activities, from skiing and snowboarding in winter, to hiking, swimming, hunting, and fishing in the spring and summer. If you want to explore the high desert, Bend is about three hours away and there you will find winter skiing and scads of other outdoor activities year-around.

There are simply too many campgrounds nearby to count, but you might start with Stubb Stewart State Park or the Tillamook Forest. Just to the west of Hillsboro is the Tillamook State Forest, which offers opportunities for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Stubb Stewart State Park is also close, which offers camping and an excellent, if technical and tree-laden, disc golf course. If one drives past the forest, soon there’s the ocean and the famous Cannon Beach, which features Haystack Rock – a landmark featured in the 1985 film The Goonies.

Hillsboro Moving Advice

Environmentally Friendly

The area has a reputation for being green-friendly and the fact that SolarWorld is located in Hillsboro is proof that the Portland area is looking towards the future of energy production. SolarWorld employs 758 people and the area his home to companies which provide installation services, create parts for manufacturing of solar panels, and provide financial backing to fuel the industry. Though the area is notorious for cloudy days, there is enough sunlight to power homes and businesses with solar panels.

Moving to Hillsboro

Priority Moving is experienced throughout the Portland Metro area, but Hillsboro is our home.

Hire movers that know your neighborhood like the back of their hand— we’ll make sure your belongings move safely to your new home in Hillsboro, Oregon. Get your free moving quote today!


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