7 Things to Look for When Moving to a New Town

Moving to a new town can be exciting. It can also be a bit daunting. Even everyday tasks take extra effort when you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Whether you’re headed to a big city or small town, you can make the transition easier before signing a lease or beginning to pack. With a bit of research before your move, you’ll be able to ease into life like a local in no time once you arrive.

Here are seven essential things to look for when moving to a new town. If you’re house-hunting for a home to purchase or rent in your new location, this checklist will help you decide on your must-have amenities. The way you prioritize the list will be unique to your age, relationship and family status, work situation, and lifestyle.

the effects of moving to a new town or city

7 Essential Things to Know Before You Move

Search online, talk to your realtor, ask friends and locals for tips – and make your new home feel like “home” with these seven quality-of-life essentials:

1. Shopping

Good shopping options top the “essentials list” when you move to a new place. When looking at homes and neighborhoods, make sure there’s a grocery store you like located nearby to help you stock your kitchen. Is there a downtown core? Boutiques? Big box shopping? Get an idea of where you can shop for things like home decor and household goods for your new home.

2. Transportation

The more you know about getting around your new city, the easier it will be! Is the neighborhood you’re considering walkable? How accessible is public transit? Are Uber or Lyft readily available? Ask locals about rush hour traffic patterns, commute times, and recommended routes around town. If you have a car, find a well-reviewed auto repair shop.

3. Schools

If you have a family or kids are in your future, research local school districts and schools before committing to a new home. Consider your kids’ learning styles and needs, school locations, transportation and commute time, extracurricular activities, and class sizes to find the right fit. Your real estate agent should be helpful when searching for potential homes and schools.

4. Healthcare

Transitioning your healthcare to a new town can be a challenge. Start your search for new healthcare providers early. It’s important to establish with a doctor before an illness or emergency. Use your former doctor or insurance company to find a primary care doctor in your new home. If you’re moving to a smaller town, make sure you know your options for care.

5. Entertainment

What do you like to do for entertainment? Small towns and large offer a variety of activities and entertainment for all ages, from music and theatre to art galleries and museums to movies and concerts. Does your new town have nightlife? A vibrant cultural scene? Family-friendly opportunities? Check out local events and mark your calendar!

6. Parks

Green space improves a community’s quality of life and livability. Parks are places to relax, connect with nature, and gather with friends and family. Does your new city provide public parks where you can enjoy walking and biking paths, playgrounds, picnicking, dog runs, or gardens? Find out if there are parks near your new home – the more walkable, the better.

7. Recreation

Get to know what outdoor recreational activities your new town and the surrounding area offer. Can you bike, hike, run, swim, ski or snowboard? Is camping, rock climbing, rafting, or boating easily accessible? The Pacific Northwest is popular for year-round recreational sports, so if you’re moving to Oregon or another PNW location, you’re sure to stay active.

Other helpful things to know when moving to a new town: Familiarize yourself with the local post office and best gas station. If you have a pet, get recommendations for a veterinarian. And ask your realtor or landlord to refer home maintenance professionals before you need them.

Once you’ve decided where you’re moving, get organized before the big move with our ten expert tips.

The effects of moving to a new town or city don’t have to be overwhelming. Simply knowing where to go for groceries, mail a bill, or get away for a hike can be very helpful when you’re busy setting up a household or juggling a new job. With a good, working knowledge of the community you’re moving to and a practical list of local resources convenient to your new home, you will settle in quickly! 

what to look for when moving to a new town

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