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Beaverton Moving Guide

People relocate to new places for myriad reasons. Some go in search of better jobs, better lifestyle, healthier surroundings or a safer and more family-friendly living environment.

For many Americans looking for a middle ground between the crowded Metropolitan regions and the more rural countryside, the smaller cities and urban areas of states like Oregon offer a great alternative.

Beaverton, situated in Washington County, is one such city that beckons to all those looking for a better life.

Beaverton is one of the more prominent suburbs of Portland, Oregon. It lies just to the west of the Rose City and is known as the home to Nike, Inc., among many other businesses. From Beaverton, it’s just a quick jaunt into Portland’s historic and bustling downtown where you’ll find museums, shopping, theaters, and the beautiful riverfront where you can walk along the Willamette.

Beaverton Oregon

Proximity to Portland

Beaverton is just 7 miles west of Portland, in the Tualatin River Valley. Moving to Beaverton seems like a sensible idea on many counts.

For one, it has been ranked as one of the “100 best places to live” among the smaller cities of the US by Money Magazine. Being a part of the bustling and prosperous Portland Metropolitan area, the city of Beaverton offers a lot of great employment opportunities.

The region is especially known for its great climate and a beautiful outdoors environment.

The Heart of the Silicon Forest

Oregon’s answer to California’s more famous Silicon Valley, the Silicon Forest is the high-tech industrial corridor in the Portland Metropolitan Area and the city of Beaverton. This cluster of companies mainly specializes in hardware production.

Nike Headquarters Beaverton Oregon

Many residents work for some of the most important companies with a presence in and around Beaverton, including:

  • Intel
  • IBM Linux Technology Center
  • Tektronix
  • VeriWave
  • Maxim Integrated Products

Other prominent companies like Reser’s Fine Foods and Leupold & Stevens are within or nearby the Beaverton city limits. Therefore the city maintains a strong economic base.


Beaverton has much to offer the studious. Lewis and Clark University is nearby and Portland’s excellent community college system has a campus local to Beaverton. Just a short drive away is Portland State University, a school which offers a wide range of educational opportunities and OHSU teaches doctors in their teaching hospital. North Portland is home to Portland University, a private Catholic university.

Outdoor Life

In the time away from work, residents are never without something fun to do. The Pacific Ocean is a little more than an hour’s drive away and the Columbia River Gorge is about the same distance to the east. In the Gorge, adventurers can enjoy hiking, skiing, snowboarding, camping, as well as mountain biking, road biking, and simply sitting in some of the most beautiful forest the country has to offer.

SportsCedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton Oregon

Sports-minded Beavertonians enjoy Trailblazers basketball and the Portland Timbers MLS soccer team, which packs Providence Park every home game. The rabid Timbers Army is a bunch of devoted fans who keep the chants going all throughout the game, which brings an elevated energy to the place. The Thorns, Portland’s professional women’s team, also play soccer in Providence Park.


For a quick getaway, there are lots of options. In nearby Forest Grove, McMenamins operates their Grand Lodge resort which features a wide range of affordable hotel rooms, several bars and restaurants, and hot tubs for your enjoyment. The mini-resort even includes a 10 hole/basket disc golf course (aka frisbee golf to the unititiated), which is a rapidly growing sport in the greater Portland area. McMenamins operates many such resorts throughout the area, and some feature concert venues for nationally-recognized acts.

Benefits of Living in Beaverton

There are many great reasons why Beaverton is a wonderful place to live.

Oregon is a state blessed with great natural diversity and a pleasant climate, making it an automatic choice for anybody looking for a healthier life.

Moving companies in Portland are sure to have a great deal of experience in assisting the hundreds of thousands who select the state and the Portland area, in general, to relocate to. As a prosperous suburb of the Portland MSA with a cosmopolitan culture and great employment opportunities, Beaverton is a popular destination for people to move into.

Moving to Beaverton?

Bustling urban areas with increasing influx of new residents always have a well-developed and professional movers industry. It is not that hard to find capable movers to assist you in relocating to Beaverton.

If you’re considering moving to Beaverton or moving across this lovely town, find a reliable moving company. You need a moving company experienced with the area and with great reviews. That way, you can trust that moving day will go off without a hitch!

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