Alberta Arts District - Portland Neighborhood Guide

Living in the Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District neighborhood is on Portland’s Northeast side and acts as a northern compliment to Hawthorne in the Southeast. The neighborhood has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, filling in with trendy boutique shops, renovated bungalows, and tasty restaurants. It attracts artists and families alike with its balance between lively and cozy.

NE Alberta street stop sign covered in stickers

Last Thursdays

Alberta Portland wall mural

Alberta Arts District is perhaps best-known for its Last Thursday street fairs which have perpetuated for years. The Last Thursday festival is a monthly event which gets people out to peruse the street’s art galleries. During the summer, the event expands and the street is shut down from 6:00 PM until 9:30. The neighborhood fills with carloads of people from all over the city. Since this is Portland, many more will come via bicycle from all over the city to take part in the hustle and bustle of vendors, entertainers, and the glory that is Portland in summer.

Business Environment

During normal weeks, Alberta is still bustling. From approximately 15th to 33rd, the street crackles with the energy of independent businesses. A co-operative grocery provides sustenance to the neighborhood and the Community Cycling Center keeps cyclists rolling year-around with repairs, used bikes, and used parts for those building their own vehicle.

Alberta Arts District coffee shop

Dining and Shopping

For those looking for a delightful repast, La Petite Provence is a mainstay on Alberta. Offering the butteriest croissants and possibly the best brunch in the world, if not on Alberta Street, the restaurant has a line down the block, even on cold and rainy Saturday mornings in November. The wait is worth it, however, and you can spend time waiting in the music store next door. Trade-Up Music is primarily a guitar shop but they can fix your busted axe or set you up with a new or used six-string at an affordable price.

Alberta Rose Theatre signThe Sights

Down at 30th, the Alberta Rose Theater is home to live tapings of NPR’s LiveWire, a variety show that is a delight to see in person. They may have faces for radio, but the make-up department has done wonders with the regular performers. After the show, sit outside and enjoy excellent Thai food at Cha’ Ba Thai.

Moving to Alberta Arts District?

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