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Packing Services

As a full-service moving company, we are eager to assist you in any way possible. Moving can be a stressful process. So, once you have gone through the trouble of finding a new place, secured a new mortgage or lease, and are ready to finally move, you are probably not looking forward to going through the trouble of packing every single item you own. This is where we come in with our packing services option.

Some Benefits of a Pack and Move

  • Saves you time from packing and also unpacking because we are extremely organized
  • Your items are completely covered under our insurance policy
  • You know that your sensitive items are carefully packed by experts

Pack and Move Rates

Rates for packers start out as low as 2 packers for $94.10 per hour. Materials are additional costs and vary depending on the size, type, and amount needed.

Get Started with Priority Moving Services!

Our team of professional movers can help during every step of the moving process, answering all of your questions and providing the upmost care to your precious belongings.

The Packing Process

Securely Wrapped Piano for Move
Securely Wrapped
Packing is an important part of moving. The entire moving process is determined by how well the packing was executed. If we show up to a home that is not packed well vs a home that is packed efficiently it can mean the difference of several hours on your move time. Moving is performed by the hour so having a properly packed home is key. You can view our page on Packing Tips if you plan on packing yourself.
If however, you would like to hire pro packers, it is best to let your mover know at the time of booking. Packing generally takes a similar amount of labor and execution as moving does. Because of this, and to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible, we will pack you a day or two prior to your moving date. This ensures that there are no surprises or additional stress on moving day therefore allowing you to have a safe and efficient move day. Our professional packers will come out with all the necessary packing materials to protect everything from your kitchen dishes and china, to your ceramic art pieces, and all your delicate and loose items. We bill only for the material we use and the time it takes to complete your pack.

The Packing Process

  • Commercial grade moving blankets
  • Newsprint
  • Foam peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Commercial grade boxes
  • Industry specific grade and size boxes
Our men are all experts at the art of moving. We can pack you up, pick you up, and set you down in ease and comfort. You’ll never notice a single item out of line, and your moving day with us will be one of the smoothest you’ve ever experienced.
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