Priority movers standing next to packed moving truck
Priority mover lifting mattress in the back of a moving truck
  • Get standard sized moving boxes. New materials offer the best protection. When a new box is packed correctly the surface of the box can withhold 200+ pounds of weight. Used materials may have creases and crushed corners, which offer limited protection and make packing the truck difficult.
  • If it can fit into a box and be packed, pack it.
  • Pack heavy items into smaller boxes (books, files, silverware, etc), moderate weight items in medium boxes (stereo components, table decorations, toiletries, etc), and lightweight items in large boxes (pillows, lamps, shades, linens).
  • Use lots of wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect items that can be broken or shattered. When Priority Movingpacks a box, we use enough material to ensure that if the box sustained a fall from 6 feet that the items inside would remain intact.
  • For dishes, glass, porcelain, and stemware use Dish Pack boxes. They are double wall corrugated to supply maximum protection from crushing. If you are packing plates, bowls, or cups, pack them into the box vertically. They are less likely to become damaged this way. Between each layer of dishes should be another layer of crumpled paper balls. Before you seal it, be sure that the lids close and are level with the edge of the box and firm.
  • Make sure your boxes are clearly marked with the contents and appropriate room of the house so your movers know where to place the item.
  • Ask your mover if they provide free use of wardrobe boxes. This can save you time and a lot of money. Wardrobe boxes run between $10-$15 dollars apiece. At Priority Moving, we offer the free use of wardrobe boxes for your move.
  • Use packing tape. Stay away from shipping and masking tape.
  • If you have items of high monetary or sentimental value, it’s better for you to move them yourself. Moving insurance is dispersed by weight and will not be adequate compensation for any damaged or lost high value items.
  • Keep a box handy of items you will need such as medications, important papers, checkbook, etc. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed with other boxes so you can quickly locate it when needed.
  • Try to close the top of every box. This prevents items from falling out of the truck and breaking. Also, a mover cannot place anything on top of a box with no top.

Josh & Rudy made my move go much more smoothly than I imagined it would! They were prompt and efficient, professional and personable! I couldn’t be more pleased with their service. Thanks!

-Jan Ball | Location, OR

Our move went so smooth due to Kevin, Richard and Ryan. They were very professional and efficient as well as just good guys. Your estimate was right on target so no surprises. Thanks for making our move a positive experience.

Name of Customer | Location, OR