Your Essential Moving Checklist for a Stress-Free Move

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Moving is high on the list of people’s least favorite things to do. As a result, there is a lot of procrastination that happens prior to moving day. At Priority Moving, nothing is as satisfying than helping people transition into a new home! This checklist will help you determine what you need to do months, weeks and days before you move.


Here are our favorite tips for you in one handy checklist:

Priority mover lifting mattress in the back of a moving truck
Priority mover lifting mattress in the back of a moving truck
Priority mover lifting mattress in the back of a moving truck

1. Be completely packed (boxes should be filled completely and sealed with tape.

2. Remove breakables and loose items from drawers (clothing can stay).

3. Unplug all appliances and electronics that are moving (have a plumbing professional disconnect washers, dryers and water lines from refrigerators.

4. Label boxes on top and sides clearly. Use new boxes for more strength and integrity.

5. Change your address here is the link to the official USPS site.

6. Get medical, vet and school records in order.

7. Order new utilities and disconnect current ones.

8. Take apart outdoor furniture and playhouses (we can do this but we do charge hourly, so you can save money here).

9. Consider moving plants on your own (they are not covered by our insurance policy).

10. Cancel or forward subscriptions to newsletters, newspapers and magazines (The Post Office will not do this).

11. Figure out meals for the day of and days surrounding your move (pizza?)

12. Make a Do Not Move” box and this is where items you will need to survive in your new home should go. Pack all prescriptions, toiletries, clothes for several days, pet food, contacts and other necessities. Act as though you are going on a trip for several days and pack accordingly.

13. Make arrangements for pets and children on moving day (you will have less worries if they are not underfoot and in harm’s way).

14. Pack personal valuables like jewelry, watches, wallets, cash and check books and transport in your vehicle.

15. Use up as much of your refrigerated foods prior to move day (get a cooler for the rest).

16. Have clearly defined names for bedrooms such as Master, Daughter’s Room, Bobby’s room and make sure boxes are labeled with their destination.

We had an incredible experience with Priority Moving!
Michael helped with the planning and coordinating on the front end. I appreciated the thoughtful questions and transparency when it came to receiving a quote and ensuring they understood our needs.

We even had to reschedule our move due to a delay from the place we were moving into and Michael both reassured me that he’d take care of us and was able to get us rescheduled with EASE! Within 5 minutes of calling, I already had a rescheduling confirmation in my email. Very efficient!

When it came to moving day, the crew was efficient and friendly! Sam, Fernando, and Shawn powered through and handled everything with the utmost care.

We were moving out of a 3 story apartment with a windy stairwell and into a 2-story townhouse – that’s no easy feat!

At the end of our block of time, the total price was the exact amount that was quoted – no surprises!

I would recommend Priority Moving to ANYONE!

-Monique Dumaine

This was our first time hiring Priority Moving, and I am glad we did. It was the most positive moving experience I’ve ever had. They protected all our furniture really well and listened to every direction I gave on where to place items in the new house. Previous movers I’ve worked with just bulldoze past me and set things where they want, not stopping to listen at all.

We were moving between two 3-bedroom houses, each with 2 stories, and it took around 8 hours. It took longer than other moves I’ve had, but it’s clear they prioritize caring for your belongings and doing things right over going as fast as possible.

The only hiccups we had were not being able to fit the last few items on the truck (at least not safely), and we lost a plastic foot to our bed frame. I woud recommend them to anyone looking for careful movers. Someone looking for the fastest and cheapest should look somewhere else. But the 10% discount for paying with cash was a really nice benefit!

-Marie Funseth

Getting ready for moving day is usually a stressful time. The moving process is only made worse if you do not take the time to get organized and follow a few simple steps. When it comes to moving, it seems there is an endless list of things that need to be done. We have condensed the most important into this simple checklist to try to help mitigate some of your worries. Let us help you take some of the stress out of your move by helping you get and stay organized with this checklist.