What to Know Before Working With a Full-Service Mover

Moving is a big job, no matter how much you’re packing up or how far you’re going.

Sometimes the task of moving may be too great to take on single-handedly. You might need to move quickly. Or perhaps you’re being reimbursed to move because of a job relocation. Each is a good reason to call in the professionals.

Full-service movers will take care of every phase of your move, from packing to moving to unpacking in your new space. It may cost a little more for the service, but the pay-off in the time and hassle saved will be worth every penny spent. 

What Moving Services Do You Need?

Every move is different. Depending on timing, distance, and the size and purpose of your move, you might want some or all of the following moving services. Pick and choose, according to your needs:

Packing: Professional full-service movers are trained to pack all your belongings, from living room to laundry room, quickly, safely, and efficiently. They’ll provide all packing materials and expertly pack valuables and fragile items for moving – and be done in no time!

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly: Forget about struggling with heavy, bulky furniture and awkwardly oversized items. Full-service movers will quickly disassemble, carefully transport, then reassemble large furniture pieces in your new home.

Storage: Moving isn’t always as simple as packing up and moving everything at once. Full-service movers can make things much easier when you need storage. They’ll move and securely store your personal belongings as needed for a seamless moving experience.

Moving: Here’s where experience really counts. Licensed, professional, full-service movers are trained in moving households of all types and sizes. From apartments to condos to single family homes, experienced movers will quickly and safely prep, load out, and move your belongings.

Unpacking & Disposal of Packing Materials: Moving out is one thing. Settling in again is another. A full-service moving team can have you promptly unpacked and comfortable in your new space. They’ll even take away and dispose of packing materials on the way out the door.

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Hiring a Full-Service Mover

Once you’ve identified the moving services you need, your next step is to find the right full-service mover for the job.

Moving In-State or Out-of-State? Professional moving companies are licensed as out-of-state (Interstate) or in-state (Intrastate) movers. Are you moving within state or heading across state lines? Your options for movers will be based on your plans.

Check References & Reviews A great way to narrow your list is to search online reviews of full-service movers. Let family, friends, and acquaintances know about your move and ask for references and recommendations.

Is Your Mover Insured? Be sure any full-service mover you’re interested in is licensed, bonded, and legitimate to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Confirm you have recourse if any item or items are broken or lost during your move.

Ask Questions Before Signing Once you’re ready to commit to a mover, read and understand the fine print before signing a moving agreement. Ask questions: What are their deposit and cancellation policies? What is the policy on specialty items? What won’t the movers transport?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Full-Service Movers?

The cost of your move will depend on a variety of factors including:

-The number of movers you need

-The amount/weight of your belongings

-The distance you are moving

-The moving services you are hiring for

-The time of year/month

Other possible charges to keep in mind include specialty item fees (piano, valuable artwork), stair and long carry fees, elevator fees, and fees for extra stops.

Based on an average 2-3 bedroom transport, local moves can start at around $1500. Long-distance in-state moves average $3000-5000.

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How to Prepare for Moving Day

Preparing ahead of time will make sure your move is executed seamlessly and without any major issues!

Things to Do Before Your Movers Arrive Help your move go smoothly by getting a head start on moving tasks.

-Get rid of unwanted items. Sort, purge and organize your belongings before movers show up to pack. Bonus: you’ll save on moving costs!

-Take care of what your movers will not move. Make plans for “non allowables” like family heirlooms, plants, and pets, and pack up and set aside personal items.

-Identify and mark fragile, sentimental, and high value items. Help movers know which of your belongings to give extra care and attention to. 

Your Responsibilities on Moving Day Your full-service mover will take care of the big stuff when moving day arrives. You can help make the day a success.

-Be present and available for your movers on moving day

-Ensure safety by clearing sidewalks, pathways, hallways, and staircases.

-Secure parking for the moving truck

-Take pictures of the move and your belongings

-Have cleaning supplies and a tool kit close at hand

-Provide beverages and snacks for a happy family and moving crew

Priority Moving is Your Full-Service Go-To

If you’re getting ready to make a move and are looking for a respected, reliable full-service mover, Priority Moving is your go-to.

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