Moving expenses can stack quickly (pun intended).

Accumulating costs include the deposit of the house or rental, packing supplies, the cost of hiring professional movers, moving insurance, transportation fees, and more.

So why not catch a break with free moving boxes?

People are quick and kind enough to give away moving boxes, especially if they no longer need them. You just need to know where to look.

Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down the search to five. Discover the top places to find free moving boxes in Portland.

Convenience Stores

Happy Cashier Offering Free Moving Boxes at a Convenience Store

Convenience stores such as Plaid Pantry and 7Eleven offer more than just coffee, snacks, beer, and lottery tickets.

Speak with the clerk to learn more about the times when boxes are more likely to be available. You may end up with a lot of empty beer cases, for instance, but they make for the perfect storage for books, DVDs, and other small items.


Using Craigslist to Find Free Boxes in Portland Oregon

Under the “For Sale” section, click on the ″free″ link. If you don’t see any boxes on the first page, type “boxes” or “free boxes” in the search bar.

If possible, contact the person who made the listing to ensure that the boxes are still available. Often, free boxes have already been flattened, so make sure you have some good moving tape to get them back in tip-top condition.

We recommend conducting your online search either at the beginning or end of the month when people are more likely to be moving.

Friends & Family

Asking Friends and Family for Free Moving Boxes

Although we recommend you to avoid having your friends help with a move, you can still ask your friends and family if they have any unused boxes.

It is possible that they may have recently moved or helped someone move and have leftover boxes that are up for grabs.

Grocery Store

Visiting Grocery Stores for Free Moving Boxes

Grocery stores dispose a lot of boxes every day, so it might be difficult to ask them to hold them for you. However, if you find out when a good time is to pick up boxes, say a few hours after a big delivery, you can walk away with lots of good cardboard.

If possible, try to get a banana box. Those are particularly large and sturdy. Apple crates are also useful. Try asking the staff in New Seasons, Safeway or Fred Meyer.


Visit Retailers for Free Moving Boxes

Most retailers have boxes they need to dispose of. Warehouses and office supply stores are a good bet. Considering how often inventory is replenished, restaurants will also have a good supply of boxes, too. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

If you find yourself with an abundance of boxes, learn how you can repurpose your moving boxes.

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