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We had an incredible experience with Priority Moving!
Michael helped with the planning and coordinating on the front end. I appreciated the thoughtful questions and transparency when it came to receiving a quote and ensuring they understood our needs.

We even had to reschedule our move due to a delay from the place we were moving into and Michael both reassured me that he’d take care of us and was able to get us rescheduled with EASE! Within 5 minutes of calling, I already had a rescheduling confirmation in my email. Very efficient!

When it came to moving day, the crew was efficient and friendly! Sam, Fernando, and Shawn powered through and handled everything with the utmost care.

We were moving out of a 3 story apartment with a windy stairwell and into a 2-story townhouse – that’s no easy feat!

At the end of our block of time, the total price was the exact amount that was quoted – no surprises!

I would recommend Priority Moving to ANYONE!

-Monique Dumaine

This was our first time hiring Priority Moving, and I am glad we did. It was the most positive moving experience I’ve ever had. They protected all our furniture really well and listened to every direction I gave on where to place items in the new house. Previous movers I’ve worked with just bulldoze past me and set things where they want, not stopping to listen at all.

We were moving between two 3-bedroom houses, each with 2 stories, and it took around 8 hours. It took longer than other moves I’ve had, but it’s clear they prioritize caring for your belongings and doing things right over going as fast as possible.

The only hiccups we had were not being able to fit the last few items on the truck (at least not safely), and we lost a plastic foot to our bed frame. I woud recommend them to anyone looking for careful movers. Someone looking for the fastest and cheapest should look somewhere else. But the 10% discount for paying with cash was a really nice benefit!

-Marie Funseth

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