5 Office Layout Ideas

A new office space is like a blank canvas. There are a million possibilities, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are also many theories and approaches to office layout these days. With the hope of improving productivity and overall worker happiness, business owners are constantly experimenting to uncover the most effective layout ideas.

So before your local Portland office movers unpack your desks and appliances, consider these five tips for making your new office layout spectacular:

1. Define Your Office Zones

If you’re going for a modern, open office layout, consider how you will divide your space. To separate meeting space from the purely productive areas, you might use a small wall, or maybe a line of tall plants. You could also define space in a subtle way with rugs or painted borders that distinguish one area from the other.

The goal here isn’t to isolate your employees, but rather indicate where different types of work can be done. This will also dictate what furniture does and doesn’t get placed in each space.

2. Don’t Overlook Creative Areas

Set aside an area for collaboration or creative relaxation. This zone should not include desks or computers, but instead furniture that encourages a slower pace and a different way of thinking.

Some offices, for example, might include a ping-pong table or an espresso machine near a set of sofas so employees can relax and collaborate over coffee drinks. Find out what interests your employees and seek ways to integrate their personalities. Before you know it, someone will become the designated barista and will wow everyone with their steamed-milk artistry.

3. Bring Life to Your Office with Plants

Office plants do much more than add a splash of color. Plants can clean the air, bring attention to certain areas, and produce a naturally relaxing environment.

But before you start purchasing any type of plant, consider the available natural light in your office and find species that will thrive in your new space. You might also encourage your workers to bring small plants of their own to add a personal touch. You can even use certain types of plants to define certain aspects of your layout. Hanging plants might be the dominant theme where your desks are, but floor plants might prevail in your collaborative meeting areas.

4. Don’t Settle for Standard Lighting

These days, office workers mostly stare at computer screens for the duration of their day. This can lead to eyestrain, and your office lights may be contributing as well. Look into the range of bulbs available to match the size of your office. Specifically, avoid bulbs that emit too much blue spectrum light. A possible fix could be to place gels over existing fluorescent bulbs.

Lighting can also dramatically change the mood of spaces. Your creative or relaxation zone, for example, might benefit from a dimmer switch, while a kitchen can be improved with lighting beneath cabinets.

5. Choose Your Color and Art Boldly

Your last office might have had bare white walls, perhaps decorated with a few plaques for professional recognition, or maybe a piece of factory art. Use this opportunity to break the mold.

Spend some time imaging an inventive color scheme that is both stimulating and interesting. Your employees will feel more at home and able to let their creativity shine. Consider colors like greens and yellows, but also terra cotta reds or matte blue. Make the office extra interesting by seeking out art from your local community. Local artists may have just the painting or sculpture you desire, or you may be able to commission them for a custom piece that is yours alone.

While you focus on creating your wildly productive new space, let us take care of your Portland office moving needs. Contact Priority Moving Services today for a complimentary quote.