Dog sitting in a packed vehicle

There’s a lot to figure out as you approach moving day. You might need to move large items such as pianos, or maybe you’re juggling the painters and flooring contractors at your new home. On top of that are the dishes, clothes, books, sports equipment, and every other personal belonging you own.

It’s no wonder that our four-legged friends often get forgotten until the last minute. They need to go, too, and they’re not about to pack themselves.

Moving with a dog, cat, or any animal can be tricky, but these tips will make pet relocation a breeze. Here are a few topics we’ll cover:

  • Pet Movers
  • Dog Crates & Kennels
  • Visit the Vet

Pet Movers

If you are traveling a very long distance, you might want to consider a pet moving service.

These professionals will ensure that your pet travels safely and comfortably by vehicle or plane. If you are moving out of the country, these services will take care of all of the import paperwork required to bring your pet to your new home.

If you opt for a pet relocation service, also note: it’s completely tax deductible!

Dog Crates & Kennels

If the trip isn’t too long, taking your animal along for the car ride can be the most cost-effective and simplest form of pet relocation. However, it’s important to keep your friends in a crate or kennel. Quick stops or shifting luggage can injure your pet, or their roaming can even cause an accident to happen.

Larger dogs might need larger crates, so take storage into consideration. If you have a van or SUV, there may be enough space for your dog and the items you intend to carry in the car. Make sure you take proper inventory of what goes in the car and what does not so that you can make enough room for your crated pets.

Visit the Vet

Before any traveling, it’s crucial to make sure that your pet is in good health.

Take them to the veterinarian and have all of their vaccinations and other shots updated. Discuss the impending move with your vet and ask about using a sedative for the moving day.

If your pet tends to be high-strung or excessively needy, this might be a safe idea. You will also want to make sure that your pet’s tags have the proper information and that they are micro-chipped.

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