Parents and Kids Happily Carrying Boxes on Moving Day

Moving day is full of excitement. Furniture and boxes are moving hither and thither, movers are diligently moving heavy items of all description around the place. Then there are the kids. They are too small to be involved in the moving process, but too big to plop into a playpen for the afternoon. It is important to make sure that everything is childproof when it comes to moving day. Keep reading to find 5 safety tips for childproofing your home on moving day.

Separate all household chemicals

When you are packing, be certain to pack all of your cleaning chemicals in a separate box. Then, those should go with you in your car, as the moving company will not be insured for transporting them. This will ensure that you are able to keep the kids away from these dangerous products. Childproofing your home will give everyone peace of mind. Check out our other packing tips and give us a call for professional packing help!

Designate a play area for the kids

When you arrive to your new home, select a room for the kids to play in. Make sure they have all of the books, toys, iPads, etc. that they need. Since you might not have Internet connected, you might want to have a portable DVD player on hand for those kids who love their movies. When the kids are tucked away and entertained, they are less likely to be in harm’s way. If you are moving with a baby, bring a playpen so that you can work with the movers while arranging everything in your new home.

Decide on rules for moving day

Discuss the upcoming moving-day events with your children and emphasize safety. Then, work with them to create a set of safety rules to abide while the move is proceeding. When the kids are a part of the rule-making process they have more accountability to it and everyone is safer as a result.

Give the kids space

Moving day is stressful for everyone, so allow the kids adequate space in the car on the drive to the new house as well as setting aside space in the new home. If they are cramped and agitated, they will be less likely to cooperate and may become careless. You might try to arrange for some outside time at a nearby park to help ease the stress of the day. Sometimes the best way to childproof your home is to allow the kids their own space within it.

Give the kids charge of the pets

If you have an older child who can take responsibility for the pets, this is a great day to let them show their capabilities. The kids will love being able to help out and you’ll love having one less thing on your plate. If the weather is nice, the kids can play with the dog outside in the backyard. They might enjoy setting the animals up with food and water and helping to soothe the pets, who might be feeling stress in the new environment, particularly with all the hustle and bustle of moving.

Moving day is a little test of organizational and personal management. When you work with your kids to make the day as safe as possible, the experience can turn from one of necessity to, well, near-enjoyment. The kids will end the day with more investment in their new home, and everyone can enjoy the first meal in the new space with smiles and laughter. We are here to help – contact us today for your upcoming move!