Moving into a house from an apartment

Moving into a House from an Apartment

You’ve made the big decision to move from an apartment to a house and moving day is coming up. Whether renting or buying, moving into your first house is an exciting event.

Living in a house brings with it many benefits. You’ll enjoy greater privacy, more space and storage, increased access to the outdoors, and probably additional parking. Hosting guests will be easier – and you may be gaining new laundry space. There are so many plusses to look forward to.

With a house also come new responsibilities. You will need to be familiar with your home’s heating, cooling, and electrical systems. You’ll want to know how to turn off the main water valve. And it will be important to establish a regular maintenance schedule inside and out.

But first, you have a move to make. Any move takes effort and upsizing from an apartment to a house requires additional planning.

Help ensure a successful move from your apartment to your new house by following our tips.

Moving into a new house

10 Tips for Moving from an Apartment into a House

1. Begin researching movers two months ahead of your move-in date. Plan to select and schedule your mover of choice 4-6 weeks in advance.

2. Make sure your new home is properly covered with adequate homeowners or renters insurance.

3. Get organized for the big day. Use our handy Essential Moving into a New House Checklist for a stress-free move.

4. Before any significant packing begins, first declutter (sort, toss, donate), then organize (tidy, fold, clean). Give yourself enough time to start packing in earnest at least a week before moving day.

5. Complete necessary change-of-address forms with USPS to ensure your mail delivery continues uninterrupted.

6. Depending on whether you are renting or the homeowner, schedule disconnects/connects all necessary utilities (water, gas, electric, trash). Confirm internet reliability and schedule your preferred provider.

7. Know your new floorplan and room dimensions prior to moving day to have a clear idea of your space and needs. Plan furniture placement in each room; move-in will go faster.

8. Create a shopping list of immediate new house must-haves (e.g., large and/or small appliances, window coverings for privacy, everyday furniture (beds, dining set, lighting), home or yard maintenance items.

9. Explore your new neighborhood in advance to become familiar with local amenities and resources. If you need to grab cleaning or repair supplies, snacks, gas, or a quick meal on moving day, you’ll know where to head.

10. Build time into your moving schedule to thoroughly clean your apartment and paint if needed to ensure you get back your full deposit. It’s a lot of work – but it will be worth it when you arrive home in your new house!

moving into a new house with moving boxes

Priority Moving Makes Your Big Move to a House a Little Easier

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We look forward to being a part of your milestone move from an apartment to a new house!