Moving can be an overwhelming event. Whether you’re headed across town, across state or beyond, it takes time, effort and emotional energy to pack up and resettle.

The better organized you are, the smoother and more stress-free things will go. At Priority Moving, we have a lot of experience moving homes and apartments from point A to point B. We know what works and what doesn’t. Check out our expert tips on how to prepare for the big day and make life a little easier.

10 Expert Tips on How to Organize for a Move

1. Start early

Give yourself ample time to prepare, purge and pack – and lessen overall stress. Start at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. There’s plenty to do!

2. Make a master list

Create a detailed checklist of anticipated moving tasks and must-remembers, from “schedule movers” to “disconnect utilities.” This will be your go-to tool from early planning through the big day. You have a lot to accomplish in the weeks to come and your master household or apartment moving checklist will help ensure a successful move. Here’s a helpful essential checklist to get you started.

3. Declutter first

Go room to room and toss or donate items you don’t plan to take along. The more you sort, purge and eliminate now, the less you’ll have to move. Pack decoratives, seasonal items or things you use infrequently, but hold off on packing up the rest of your household just yet to avoid living out of boxes. Get in the habit of noting any packed items that might require additional insurance in the move.

4. Organize next

Once you’re done decluttering, put your current space in order. Packing and unpacking will be easier if kitchen and bath items are tidied and organized, clothes are neatly folded, and the linen closet is in order. Use this as another opportunity to pare down possessions.

5. Stock up

Gather plenty of packing supplies. Get sturdy moving boxes in assorted sizes, quality tape, tape guns, quality markers, plastic baggies, and packing paper or bubble wrap. Next, head to the hardware store and make sure you have what you need both to move out and move in, including a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, screws, broom, measuring tape, extension cords and heavy-duty trash bags. Organize your moving supplies in a handy go-to “packing station.”

6. Pack room by room

Start packing in earnest approximately a week before moving day. Pack by room (i.e., only kitchen things in kitchen boxes, only bedroom items in bedroom boxes). Packing will be better organized, the moving and unpacking process will be streamlined, and you will find things more easily in your new home.

7. Heavy items, small boxes

Save your back and pack wisely. Put heavy items in smaller boxes, lighter things in larger boxes. Be sure to pack fragile items separately with plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap.


You might think you’ll remember what’s where while packing. But be sure to label every box, both by category and room. It will make your move in on the other end go much smoother. Label boxes you’ll need immediately as “essential.” Be sure to separate out valuables and important documents to personally transport on moving day.

9. Pick a good day

It pays – literally – to be strategic about the day you move. The first and last of the month are typically busy times for moving companies and landlords, and more people move on weekends than weekdays. If you can move on a different day of the week and time of the month, you’ll likely find movers are more available and their services come at a discount.

10. Take a moment

Remember to step back now and then, take a bit of time, and breathe! Moving is an effort and ranks as one of life’s top stressors. Find ways to recharge and care for you throughout. You’ve got this!

A few bonus tips to share…

  • Stop buying groceries a week or so before moving. Eat what’s on hand, give food items away, and toss what’s left on moving day without concern.
  • Take photos of your electronics before unplugging and packing. They’ll come in handy when setting up in your new home.
  • Pack personal essentials – including prescriptions, must-have toiletries and a change of clothes – in an overnight bag. Keep it aside to carry with you the day of the move.

Get Ready to Move with Priority Moving

We make your move easy by providing trusted, fully licensed and insured packing and moving services that get you quickly relocated without hassle or concern. Our team of professional, reliable, experienced movers understand your needs, and pack and move you with care. No job is too big or too small. So, if you’re moving an apartment or an entire household in Oregon or the Portland-metro area, Priority Moving can help. Contact us for a free moving quote – and a stress-free move!Your Content Goes Here