Parents Helping Children Cope with Moving

Frequent moving can be overwhelming for children.

Even if it’s their first time moving into a new neighborhood, it can be incredibly stressful for kids to leave behind a familiar place and start anew elsewhere.

According to Psychology Today, the effects of moving “are most problematic for kids who are introverted and those whose personalities tend toward anxiety and inflexibility.”

Fortunately, there are small things you can do as a parent to make this transition easier on your kids.

In this blog, we’ll discuss 3 overlooked obstacles you can overcome when moving with children:

  • Including Your Kids in the Moving Process
  • Cleaning and Decluttering
  • Making the New House a Home

Including Your Kids in the Moving Process

As a parent looking for a new home, one of the top issues you probably consider is the school district local to a potential home. You are already putting your children’s educational needs in a position of high priority. Now, make sure that your kids are actively involved in the process.

If possible, have your kids go along with you to look at houses. When you find one that is in your price range and that is in a good school district, have your kids debate about which room they liked.

You might also take a walk around the neighborhood with them and have them play at a nearby playground. This will all help them orient themselves to a new life in a new home.

The more a child is involved in the moving process, the more likely they will experience a smooth transition.

Cleaning and Decluttering

Instead of tossing out any sheets, clothes or toys that your children may no longer need, work alongside with them to decide which items they should keep or toss out.

You can even create a game where unwanted items will be either thrown away or donated. Kindly make your point that they have may outgrow certain belongings and could make another kid happy if donated. Certainly, you can reward your kids with a new toy for accomplishing such a feat.

Hosting a garage sale is another approach to getting rid of older possessions while pocketing some money that can go towards moving expenses.

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Making the New House a Home

Making the new house feel like home again will certainly help your kids get onboard with moving.

Whenever possible, arrange for your child to visit the school, parks, and other landmarks and attractions nearby your future home.

You can help them get a new library card or you take them to the closest public pool if you’re moving in the summertime. Your child might even meet some kids from the neighborhood and start sewing the seeds of lifelong friendships.

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