Garage Sale Tips in Newspaper Classifieds

When you decide to move, the first thing you might do is look around your home and sigh. What in the world are you going to do with all of that stuff?

The good news is that professional movers can help you pack (and even unpack) everything you own. More good news is that there are people out there who would be glad to give you money for a lot of it.

Organizing a garage sale can help you downsize your belongings, make a few extra dollars, and give someone the opportunity to enjoy that fish-shaped water pitcher Uncle Mort gave you as a wedding gift.

Here are 7 tips for having a successful garage sale prior to moving.

1. Sort all of your belongings

This might be the hardest part of the whole process. Sort through all of your books, clothes, DVDs, kitchen items, etc. Go through your house from top to bottom, one area at a time, and determine what you are no longer using. If you haven’t worn that beautiful shirt in two seasons, it might be time to go. If you never made a single Belgian waffle, well, perhaps there is someone out there dying for a like-new waffle iron. Make the hard choices. You’ll thank yourself later.

2. Pick a day

Try to arrange your garage sale as soon as possible. Even if you are only casually thinking about moving, there is no bad time to downsize your belongings. Then, try to choose a weekend during spring or fall. There is no way to predict the weather, but aim for temperate climate as much as possible. A holiday weekend may even work in your favor, as people will have extra time to peruse your sale.

3. Price to sell

That velvet painting may be priceless to you (or someone) but try to price it so that it will be sold during your sale. You might also consider changing prices as the day progresses. You want to sell as much as possible, so have a plan to bottom out the prices in the final hours of your sale. Effective pricing will tip your garage sale from mediocre to successful.

4. Market your garage sale

There are professional garage sale seekers who will be looking through Craigslist and the newspaper for listings of upcoming sales. Be sure to post on social media, as well. You might use Instagram for photos of the most prized items for sale – such as game systems, furniture, and special kitchen items. Facebook will be helpful for reaching out to local friends and acquaintances. Then, make sure you post lots of colorful signs in your neighborhood to direct drive-by traffic to the sale. If there is a neighborhood newsletter or listserv, tip off your neighbors to make sure they attend your successful garage sale.

5. Take time with neighborhood signs

Make sure that they are readable from at least 50 feet away. Use large letters and as few words as possible. Stylized lettering is advisable, but make sure it is legible.

6. Use two whole days

If you sell everything that first Saturday, then good for you! However, you may want to plan for this as a two-day event. This way you might be able to attract the person who was too busy for the first day.

7. Make it an event

Even though you will be leaving your neighborhood, you can still turn it into a party. If you provide some music and even light refreshments, people will stick around longer and might buy one more book or pair of slacks. You will also want to present everything in a logical way. Keep all the kitchen stuff together. Use one table for $1 books and another for the cheaper paperbacks.

Once you’ve had a successful garage sale, you’ll soon find yourself giving tips to friends and family members who are considering a move. You will also be happy that your move can proceed in a more streamlined, expeditious manner.


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