Young Couple Using Moving Apps on Smartphone

There’s an app for just about everything these days, including moving.

It may be funny, but it’s true that now you can organize your next move using an Apple or Android phone/tablet. It’s also incredibly convenient since tablets and phones are easy to go to during moving day.

We’ve taken a look at the apps available and have a few free moving apps to recommend, so that your next move is as seamless as possible.

1. MoveAdvisor

MoveAdvisor Moving App

MoveAdvisor is a handy, free app helps you assess your inventory, calculate the cost of your move, and create a timeline for your move. The timeline feature is especially handy, as that will help you organize tasks in advance of your move day. It will even remind you of tasks in case life is a bit hectic.

It also helps you find reputable movers in your local area. This incredible app leaves no stones unturned, including helping you estimate how many boxes and padded blankets you will need.

Free iOS download.

Free Android download.

2. Todoist

Todoist Moving App

Todoist is a free, no-frills app that allows you to easily manage all of your personal, professional, and shared to-do-lists from your phone, tablet or desktop.

When browsing on the web, you can save web pages as tasks. There are options to set up multiple types of priorities and reminders via notification, email or text. You can also collaborate on shared projects in real-time and get notified when people add to the discussion.

Free iOS download.

Free Android download.

3. Moving Organizer Lite

Moving Organizer Lite Moving App

With Moving Organizer, you can keep track of your moving-box inventory.

You can use the app to store information the contents of individual boxes, which will not only help you find that special item when you need it, but will help you inform movers of a box’s contents so they know where to stack it. You wouldn’t want the box of fine china stacked beneath a box of books!

The lite version only allows you to organize one move at a time, and includes ads. The premium version is only $0.99 to purchase and it allows unlimited moves, removes the ads, enables voice control, and syncs up to DropBox for easy sharing between multiple devices.

Free Android download.

4. State Farm MoveTools

State Farm MoveTools Moving App

The good people at State Farm Insurance have created an app, available for both iOS and Android, that will help you plan and execute your next move. It features a weekly checklist of tasks that are calibrated to your move date, and lets you add your unique tasks such as planning pre-moving “farewell” lunches with friends.

What makes the app unique is that it has an interactive packing screen, which allows you to virtually go room-to-room to pack and organize your stuff.

Free iOS download.

Free Android download.

5. MagicPlan

MagicPlan Moving App

MagicPlan is one of the highest-rated applications for creating professional floor plans. Start by taking pictures of each corner of all of the rooms, then add objects, display dimensions, and annotate for side notes. Floor plans can be exported as a PDF, JPG, WEB or DXF file.

Free iOS download.

Free Android download.

Do you know of any moving apps that worked for you but is not listed above? Recommend moving apps below and we may even consider adding onto the list.

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