Tips for People Moving to St. Johns

St. Johns is a part of Portland that wasn’t always a part of Portland. Confusing? Originally a township unto itself, St. Johns maintains a sense of autonomy and a small-town feel which renders it somewhat separate from the rest of Portland. Identified by its signature suspension bridge over the Willamette, St. Johns locals take great pride in their place on the peninsula.

Where’s the Apostrophe? 

While many will want to put an apostrophe in St Johns, and they’d be grammatically correct in doing so, that bit of punctuation would set them apart from long-time residents on the peninsula. In a similar way, it is as much a faux pas to pronounce Willamette to rhyme with ?we met? rather than ?can it.? Portland has many such idiosyncrasies, such as pronouncing the street name Couch as ?cooch? and Glisan as ?gleason.?


St. Johns, and the peninsula in general, is home to a lot of Portland’s shipping industry. Large vessels come from all over the world to unload their containers at Swan Island, which can be viewed from a vista where Willamette Boulevard meets the south border of University of Portland. From the same spot, on a clear day, the area’s pride and joy, Mount Hood, can be seen in all of its glory, lording over the area.


Long-distance cyclists will love living in St Johns. From the downtown, a biker can cross the bridge and be on the road to Sauvie Island or all the way to Astoria. If you stay on the peninsula, a day trip to Kelly Point Park can be easily done. That lovely park is at the very tip of the peninsula and the tremendous energy of two mighty rivers conjoining has been known to excite dogs and humans alike. A biker can head from there along the northern edge of the landmass and find the bike trail which runs alongside the Columbia River.

Outdoor Life

Whether you’re a long-time devotee to the sport or a newbie to disc golf, St Johns is home to Pier Park, which offers a skate park, picnic tables, a swimming pool, and a world-class disc golf course. The course is challenging, but it is gaining popularity every year. Beginners will find a fun time, but a challenging day. Pros will find a great chance to hone their skills, but also several holes which put their abilities to the limit.

Moving to St. Johns?

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