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Milwaukie Portland Neighborhood Guide

Moving to & Living in Milwaukie Oregon

Not often do you find a small town named after another city but that is the rare case of Milwaukie, Oregon.

It was named after, as you might have guessed, Milwaukee in Wisconsin. However, they did replace one of the e’s with an ‘i’. But the name is the only thing that is similar when it comes to the two places.

The town in Oregon is much smaller, with a population of about 22,000 people. It is a twenty-minute drive away from downtown Portland if you take the Highway 99 route. For those who commute to work, it is a great idea to move to Milwaukie, Oregon, a small and idyllic juxtaposition against the fast city life of Portland.

Couple walking along waterfront in Milwaukie Oregon at sunset

Affordable Location

As to why Milwaukie is an enticing place to move in to, let us start with where it is located.

Clackamas County, where it is located, has lower taxes. This means if you’re moving to Milwaukie, Oregon, you can afford a more expensive house than you would anywhere else in the state and yet pay the same prices. The steep increase in buying power Milwaukie offers, should not go unnoticed or unused. Make the best of it.

Milwaukie also has a range of housing options for those who are interested. Whether it is a small condo you are looking for, a shack by the river, or even a traditional family home, movers in Milwaukie, Oregon will not be disappointed with the choices available.

Easy Commute

Like we mentioned earlier, Portland is a twenty-minute ride away.

If your new job has brought you to this part of Oregon and if you have your own car, by moving to Milwaukie, Oregon, you will experience the pleasures of both the city life and the quiet charm of a small town.

For those who do not own any vehicles or do not plan to do so in the near future, the MAX line will be introduced soon which will let people travel to Portland using a monthly permit thus enabling them to save a lot of money on gas and car maintenance.

Bomber Restaurant in Milwaukie OR

Restaurants and Stores

Another reason why Milwaukie is an awesome place to move into is that it houses the best restaurants in the region.

Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine also boasts of having Pascal Sauton, one of the best chefs in Oregon. To those that know how good a chef he is, this reason is enough to lure them to this town.

If you are a fan of organic food, then the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market that opens every Sunday will cater to all your needs.

Comic Book fans need to know this – Milwaukie is home to Dark Horse Comics, the brand that started the Sin City series and Frank Miller’s famous 300. People who want to move to Milwaukie, Oregon with their families should take a note of this as any kid would love knowing how the comic book industry works. Milwaukie can offer them a first-hand experience of such a world.

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