Lake Oswego Neighborhood Guide

Lake Oswego Neighborhood Guide

Railroad Bridge in Lake Oswego

With its bustling metropolitan area, pleasant climate, efficient planning and abundant outdoor activities, Portland is one of the most attractive cities in the US West Coast to live in.

The charming city of Lake Oswego is a prosperous suburb within the Portland Metropolitan area. Since it shares much of the features of Portland, moving to Lake Oswego is a great way to a healthy new life.

With its population diversity and above average median income, Lake Oswego would figure high in any list of great places to move into in the Pacific Northwest.

Discover the many reasons why you should move to Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Excellent climate and natural beautyLakewood Bay in Lake Oswego

Oregon has always been a state well known for its pleasant climate and diverse geography. From its windswept Pacific Coast to glacier covered Cascade Mountain Range, to a wide variety of forest lands, many rivers, and lakes, it offers many things to the outdoors enthusiast.

The climate is also very mild, thanks to the effects of the Pacific Ocean. The city of Lake Oswego shares all these great hallmarks. The Oswego Lake, from which the city gets its name, is a man-made extension of an earlier natural lake. It is covered on all sides by the city, which extends up to Mount Sylvania, an extinct volcano renowned for its rugged natural beauty.

Excellent urban planning and civic involvement

Moving to any new city is a big decision to make. The living standard in any city is influenced by its level of governance and civic involvement. Lake Oswego scores highly on both counts.

The Portland Metropolitan area is well known for its well-planned urban development. The Lake Oswego suburbs also share the same qualities without the crowding that any urban center suffers from. With 20 recognized neighborhood associations and over 23,000 registered voters (out of a population of approx. 35,000) Lake Oswego has a very high level of civic participation and community spirit; ideal for family life.

Trees in bloom off Kruse Way in Lake Oswego, OregonHigh standards of living and a diverse population

As already noted, Lake Oswego is one of the most affluent suburbs of the Portland area. The median income is quite high in the city, as are property rates.

Especially near the Oswego Lake area, waterfront properties offer a great lifestyle for those who can afford them. Though predominantly white, the population of the city has sizeable minorities of Asians, African-Americans, and Hispanic-Latino communities.

Things to keep in mind while moving to Lake Oswego

Relocating one’s home can be a strenuous endeavor. It is always a wise idea to call in professional movers to handle such things for you.

Since it is in Oregon, it is ideal to consult moving companies who operate in the State of Oregon, preferably with experience working in the Portland Metropolitan Area. If moving across state lines, look for movers who have the requisite federal licenses and permits to transport stuff between different states.

Always remember to call movers in advance to get the best possible results. Those movers that provide on-site appraisal and assessment before quoting a price are the most reliable ones to hire. Look for experienced moving companies in Portland to make moving to Lake Oswego a pleasant experience.

Railroad tracks and trail in Lake Oswego along northside of Lake Oswego Oregon

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