Everyone has an opinion about the best time of year to move. But the trouble with opinions is that they are often in conflict. It is important to know no matter the month, there are pros and cons of moving during each season.

Ultimately, the best time of year to move is whenever you are the most prepared and have found the home of your dreams. We’ve done a run-down of how each season will impact your moving experience:

  • Moving in the Fall
  • Moving in the Winter
  • Moving in the Spring
  • Moving in the Summer


Moving in the Fall

Autumn is one of the more popular times to uproot and find a new home. Moving in fall is perfect for creating a comfortable home and nostalgia, but if you’re planning on remodeling your new home, it might not be the best time of year.

When the days get shorter, daylight disappears, and the wind and rain make themselves welcome, your moving enjoyment may become dampened. But all hope is not lost, there are pros of moving in the fall to balance out the cons:


  • Less competition for movers
  • Predictable weather makes planning easier
  • Cooler temps make moving-day easier to manage
  • Fewer distractions to disrupt nest-building
  • Beautiful time of year to move


  • Shorter days might take away from the excitement of a new home
  • Greater possibility of a rainy moving day
  • Moving kids at the beginning of a school year might be difficult and stressful
  • Harder to remodel exterior of home
  • Landscaping will have to wait


Moving in the Winter

Moving in winter might sound dreary. It’s cold, wet, and the day ends just when you are getting started. However, conventional wisdom says that housing prices are more reasonable in the darker, wetter months.

We don’t know if that’s true, but you might face lighter competition as many would-be homebuyers choose to stay home rather than house-hunt. Consider these pros and cons of moving in winter:


  • Slow season for movers means you may find scheduling easier and prices lower
  • Less competition for homes
  • Home prices tend to drop


  • Cold and wintery weather may make moving day arduous
  • Holidays might interfere with moving day and schedules
  • Moving during the holidays and school season can add unnecessary stress


Moving in the Summer

Summer is perhaps the most popular time of year to move. The kids are out of school and your work might be slowing down. After all, this is when most people like to schedule vacation.

However, high heat might make your moving day less than ideal and moving companies might charge a premium for their services (summer is the busiest season). Learn more about the pros and cons of moving in summer:


  • Long sunny days mostly devoid of rain, make moving more flexible
  • Kids are out of school and can assist depending on age
  • Easier to start kids on the first day of a new school year
  • Perfect time to get settled into your new neighborhood, explore, and get outside


  • High competition for moving services and increased prices
  • Difficulty in scheduling movers
  • Hot days make moving difficult and potentially unpleasant
  • Heat might pose a threat to sensitive belongings


Moving in the Spring

Spring is many people’s favorite season. In fact, it might be the best time of year to move. The whole world comes back to life and cities put their best foot forward.

Don’t just take our word for it, as one visiting New Yorker said of Portland in the spring, “that place is like a botanical garden.” The lengthening days help facilitate moving, and movers haven’t yet hit their high season. Plus, the weather should be improving.


  • Lengthy days enable more opportunities to schedule movers
  • Spring weather makes moving day more pleasant
  • Moving prices lower than summer
  • Kids have plenty of days free from school obligations
  • Gardening, remodeling, or hosting a housewarming party couldn’t ask for a better season


  • More competition for house hunting
  • Higher demand for real estate may mean higher home prices
  • Allergy season might make moving day a sneezy chore
  • Moving during the end of the school year might be difficult for children


No Matter the Season, Priority Moving is up to the Task

Seasons don’t scare us away at Priority Moving. Our team of expert and professional movers is prepared to handle the hottest, rainiest, and coldest of days. Whether you need residential or commercial moving help, we are here to assist!

We are proud to be one of Oregon’s top rated moving companies! Contact us today and learn how we can tailor our affordable moving services to your unique needs – any time any season.