Tips for Moving a Wine Collection

Professional wine shipping is a niche business vital to any wine collector planning to relocate his or her cellar.

Are you a wine enthusiast or collector that wants to move a wine cellar or collection?

If you’re seeking to preserve your treasured wines but don’t know where to start, we have some tips for properly moving a wine collection.

The following topics are discussed:

  • Appraise Your Wine Collection
  • Chill Your Wine Collection
  • Pack Your Wine Collection Wisely

Appraise Your Wine Collection

You know your wine collection is valuable.

You can probably remember what you paid for each bottle. Although you would hope that the value of your collection fluctuates in your favor, we recommend getting an appraisal.

According to Value My Stuff, an online appraisal website, “the value of the bottle is determined by the state of the label, the level of wine in the neck of the bottle, the yield of the grape during the year of production, in addition to the reputation and region of the vineyard.”

An alternative to appraising your wine online is to hire a certified wine appraiser. Verify that they have completed training through an accredited organization such as Appraisers Association of America or American Society of Appraisers.

Chill Your Wine Collection

To help keep your wine in the best condition, it’s best to keep its temperature steady.

It is recommended to store wine at a steady 55° degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a very large collection that must be moved on a mover’s truck, make sure that truck is climate controlled. Smaller collections can likely be stored in a cooler and moved by an air-conditioned car.

If you choose to move your wine in a cooler, stack the bottles on their side and individually wrap them in newspaper. To ensure that they keep cool, you might use a blue ice pack or two.

Pack Your Wine Collection Wisely

When you pack your bottles in a box, make sure they are all separated from one another.

You can use any variety of packing material to achieve this. One approach is to use strips of cardboard to separate each row from the other and then neighboring bottles can be cushioned with news paper or bubble wrap.

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