Packing and moving house plants like these succulents? Check out our tips!

House plants are a big part of a home’s overall décor. They add beauty but also serve practical uses, such as cleaning the air or even growing herbs. It’s no wonder then that many people are committed to bringing them along when they move. That is until they try to fit an oversized ficus in their car and either break the pot, snap the trunk of the plant, or both.

Don’t lose hope, though! We have tips for moving house plants both large to your new home. In this post we’ll talk about:

  • What to Know Before Moving House Plants
  • Packing Smaller and Medium Sized House Plants
  • Repotting Large House Plants


What to Know Before Moving Your House Plants

One of the first things to consider before moving all of your houseplants is which to take and which to leave. Since plants can take a great deal of space and require special treatment, especially for longer moves, this is an important question. Moving large potted plants can be unwieldy and impractical (but it certainly isn’t impossible).

There may be plants you have been carrying around since college, the tried-and-true plants that have endured so much along the way. On the other hand, you may have just recently purchased a new plant that is not so special that you can pass on to a friend or neighbor.

It’s also important to consider your new home. Will it provide enough light or dark for your favorite plants? If you live in South Florida and are moving to Portland, the plant might not be able to adjust to the climate change, particularly if it thrives in direct sunlight.

And lastly, consider local laws if you’re moving to a different state. There may be restrictions on what plants are allowed or disallowed where you are moving. For instance, California still checks any and all fruit entering the state after they had a terrible fruit fly infestation in the 1980’s. Other states may have similar restrictions that we don’t normally consider. Check in advance and allay any future unpleasantness before moving house plants across the country.


Packing Smaller and Medium Sized House Plants

Even though desk plants or small potted shrubs seem straightforward to pack up, they still require extra caution!

Try not to pack them up too early in order to allow them to breathe and receive sunlight. If possible, it’s best to pack them the day before. You can place several in one box making sure that they are each properly padded so that they do not damage each others’ pots. Also, cut small holes into the box to allow the plants to breathe during transit.

Last but not least, make sure to label your boxes and indicate which side is up. This will help prevent others from placing heavy objects on top of your boxes or accidentally placing them upside down and destroying your plants.


Repotting Large House Plants

Moving large potted plants will always be a chore. However, it can be made much easier and safer by repotting them beforehand.

About three weeks or so before you move, you will want to repot the plants into plastic pots. Plastic pots might not look as great as your ceramic planters, but they are much lighter and harder to break. On moving day, loosely wrap your plant with a sheet or tissue paper to prevent leaves or branches from getting ripped off. Also place the pot into a box of its own with stabilizing paper, which will help prevent it from tipping over during transit.


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