Man Giving Tip to Professional Movers

Here in the United States, we have a complicated relationship with tipping.

We definitely tip our waiters, but then we have to figure out how much to tip someone who works a counter. Then, there’s the question of our hair dressers, bellhops, bartenders, taxi drivers, and movers. Since we only use movers once every few years, at most, it is hard to know whether or not to tip them.

Movers are paid a fair wage for their labor by the moving company, so it is not mandatory to tip them. Unlike servers in a restaurant, a mover receives a paycheck that is worthy of the hours he or she has worked. This leaves it up to you whether or not to tip. In this case, tipping is truly a sign of gratitude for a job well done.

Here are 7 reasons why you might tip movers.

Satisfied Customer

If you are particularly happy with the job the movers have done, it would be appropriate to tip them. After all, they have handled your most precious items and delivered them in a timely fashion.

Difficult Items

For instance, if you need to move a piano up or down stairs, you might tip the movers for successfully transporting it to your new home. The same goes for fragile or specialty items that may require extra care.

Inclement Weather

Sometimes you can’t avoid moving in bad weather. This makes moving your items from the home to the truck (and vice versa) more difficult. Rain or snow, this also makes driving hard. Those huge trucks are difficult to maneuver even on a sunny day, so a reward for safe driving may be in order.


If you appreciate how your movers managed the logistics of the move, then consider tipping. They may be even more tip-worthy if they were able to complete the move in less time than was quoted to you. It is always nice to be moved in earlier than expected, so toss those hard workers a bonus for making this most stressful day that much better.

Attitude and Professionalism

Nobody likes working with people who are unpleasant or who are not respectful. Though your movers should act with courtesy and tact at all times, if you show them that it is appreciated, they will be very grateful.

Exceeded Expectations

If your movers are in any way exceptional, definitely tip them. If you liked the way they took special care when packing your fine china or if they took an extra moment with your child to ensure his or her happiness or safety, repay them with a token of gratitude.

How Much to Tip

It is widely acceptable to pay 5 percent of the total bill or $20 per mover. You might also gauge the tip based on how you tip other service workers. No matter what, your offering will be accepted with gratitude. In lieu of cash, you might consider offering prepaid gift cards.

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