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Moving is always a precarious proposition.

Accidents happen when you least expect them. Glasses fall from counters, or baseballs fly through windows from three yards over.

When all of your worldly possessions are being moved from one place to another, you might want to consider purchasing moving insurance prior to your move.

This post will discuss the pros and cons of moving insurance so that you can make the very best decision regarding the coverage of your prized possessions. We will discuss these points:

  • Take an Inventory
  • Do You Need Extra Coverage?
  • Goods in Transit Insurance

Take an Inventory

Before your move, take a close inventory of what you have to transport. Do you own a lot of expensive china or crystal, or do you have more of a mason jar sort of kitchen? How about your electronics? Is any of that difficult to replace? If so, how difficult?

In this process of assessing what you own, it is wise to begin cataloging this information. Take pictures of your items.

For example, if you have a fine china set, take a picture of the whole set. Then take front and back, top to bottom pictures of each type of plate, cup, and utensil so that you have a record when later assessing the replacement value.

If you have saved receipts from any significant purchases, make sure those are in a place that is easy to find. You might consider scanning these receipts, just to have a backup.

Do You Need Extra Coverage?

Your moving company may carry insurance of their own, so additional coverage may not be necessary.

In fact, it is recommended to only use a moving company that has comprehensive liability coverage. If you have many high-ticket items, such as a piano, or fine crystal, you will want to see how much the movers’ insurance covers. If the assessed value of your goods exceeds that, you may wish to take a policy of your own.

Consult with your moving company about their insurance policy and also contact the representative from your homeowner’s insurance policy to see what, if any, supplemental coverage you need.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Sometimes, moving companies offer a way for you to purchase additional insurance coverage through them.

Ask your movers about “goods in transit” insurance. This may be the sort of short-term solution you need to have peace of mind during your move.

To make the best decision, review the moving company policy against what is offered by your insurance agent.


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