Portland Oregon Entrance Sign

Portland, Oregon has been described as one of the best places to live in the United States.

This is especially true if you are looking to live in a city that is known to be environmentally conscious, having a moderate climate, filled with people who tend to go about their days at a laid back pace, and a place with ample scope for outdoor activities.

Lonely Planet has even gone to lengths to describe Portland as an “up and coming destination that has finally found itself”. No wonder, if you are thinking of packing up your things and starting a life in a new city, moving to Portland is one of the best options available.

Perception of Portland Youth Culture

Fred Armisen, creator of the show ‘Portlandia’, quips that Portland is the city in US where young people with college degrees come searching for work and stick to the city, even though most of them end up in jobs that do not require college degrees.

Portland State University researchers then decided to chase the claim and they found out that while what Armisen said was true, it was not necessarily a negative jab at the city but in fact a positive one. Their research showed that the reason Portland has a huge young population is that these people really love the amenities the city provides, the subcultures that spring up due to a concentrated young population of intellectually gifted people and the weather.

Moving to Portland, hence, is a great option for the young folks if they crave a change of scene and a city made up of liberal minded, progressive people that constantly welcome such changes.

A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

If you love spending hours at the coffee houses and getting your work done or just relaxing with friends and acquaintances, then you should definitely get in with the Portland moving trend.

One of the biggest names around here, among all other roasters, is Stumptown Coffee Roasters. It is not only a local favorite but the brand has also made inroads in New York City and Seattle.

If you happen to find yourself in the industrial district in Portland, then drop in at Coava, a place where a lot of emerging Portland artists often hang out. Other amazing options like Courier Coffee Roasters in South-West and Grindhouse Coffee in North Portland.

Creative Art Hub

The Oregon College of Art, located in Portland is right at the edge of the town, is a great place that promotes students, alumni, and emerging artists to show their creative best. Most of the work by local artists is commercially available at the Retail Crafts Gallery, which happens to be on the university campus as well.

All in all, moving to Portland is a great idea for people who crave being in a scene where there are people from all kinds of backgrounds in a progressive and liberal setting. The age of the older generations has past and the reigns of the city are at the hands of the youth.

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