Are Moving PODS Worth It?

You may have seen “Portable On Demand Storage,” or PODS, on your block: large containers that sit on the street or in a driveway for a few days for storing belongings prior to a move. The company will then pickup the storage container, and drop it off at your new location.

It’s an intriguing process, for sure, and raises the question as to whether PODS are a viable alternative to professional movers.

This post will seek to clarify a few things when comparing the advantages of professional movers vs. PODS.

Insured vs. Non-Insured Move

When you select PODS, you are essentially moving on your own. The main difference is that the PODS service will pick up and then deliver your packed items to your new destination. They can also store your items if there is some time delay between your moving out of your current home and then into your new home.

Even if you are already using PODS for storage, licensed and insured movers can provide the moving labor needed to safely transport your belongings into your new home or office. Having professional movers is especially handy when carrying large items through houses and up and down stairs.

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Scheduled and Suited to You

One convenience that PODS touts is that you can load your storage container at your own pace and then have it delivered to your destination. If you are moving a long distance, you can have it stored at the closest PODS facility. However, finding a PODS location may be inconvenient or time-consuming.

Professional movers are more structured, but will arrive promptly when scheduled and then take care of all of your packing in an expedited time frame. This takes out a lot of second-guessing as well as the creeping procrastination factor.

If you need to ship your household items to another town where they need to be stored for a period of time, a professional team will ensure that they find a storage facility that is close to your new home.

Skilled and Insured Labor

Professional movers know how to pack. When they come to load your items onto a truck, they know exactly the best way to protect your furniture, breakables, and most prized possessions. When they pack a truck, your belongings are thus insured under their policy. Further, since they do pack your items onto a truck, you are assured that they will remain on that vehicle.

Whereas items in a POD must be lifted by forklift onto other trucks, lashed down, and then transported. There are many more variables and opportunities for mishaps in that system. Further, if you pack the POD yourself, the liability for breakage falls to you alone.

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