Handwritten list with packing tips and tricks

What better way to start off the new year than with best packing tips and tricks? No matter what year it is or what month it is, there isn’t much that changes when it comes to moving and packing. Because of this, we wanted to take the knowledge we’ve accumulated throughout the years and provide you with some helpful suggestions for your next move.

It’s no secret that moving is stressful, but after you read our tips and tricks, we’re sure your experience will be more pleasant.


Pack an Overnight Bag

One thing you might overlook is how you will actually live during the moving experience. To ensure that your first day or two in your new home is as comfortable as possible, pack an overnight bag. Include everything you might need to be comfortable: toiletries, clothing, a book or magazine, and your electronic devices.

Think of the first few nights in your new home as a weekend getaway! Packing an overnight bag will also alleviate the stress you may feel of trying to unpack the first day. Enjoy the first night or two not worrying about unpacking the bedrooms and bathrooms. Focus on the kitchen and living room, or other main living areas.


Pack Essential Items in a Clear Bin

One of our go-to packing tips and tricks is packing with a clear bin. Clear bins are incredibly versatile and helpful when you are looking for specific items. We suggest sticking with packing essentials and important items in this bin.This will provide you with easier access to items such as medications, phone chargers, and toiletries. The clear plastic bin will also be easily set apart from your packed brown boxes, avoiding the unfortunate outcome of it winding up on the truck.


Cotton Balls and Saran Wrap Make a Difference

Simple household items often go overlooked when packing. Cotton balls and Saran Wrap are great to have on hand with you begin gathering items to box up. You can use the Saran Wrap to seal up liquid toiletry items such as soaps and shampoos. Their caps might become dislodged in transit and the plastic wrap will ensure that they don’t leak everywhere. It’s also good for keeping smaller items together and providing a little bit of padding for tinier fragile items.

Cotton balls are the perfect solution for packing makeup. Adding a cotton ball to eyeshadow, blush, or powder makeup will provide a layer of protection and prevent them from cracking. It will also keep the mess minimal if things get shaken up during the move.


Press and Seal is Versatile

Press and Seal products are versatile and can help ease your packing experience. You can organize many loose items, such as pens or even food items, into neat packages. If you think your phone or other electronics might come close to liquids, encase it in an airtight press and seal wrapper.

Another use for Press and Seal is using it on drawers. If you are moving a dresser and not wanting to unpack and repack it, use Press and Seal to cover your clothes. Doing so will ensure that they don’t fall out during the move. Now you can easily move your dresser in one fell swoop!


Take a Photo of How Electronics Are Put Together

You might assume that because you set the entertainment system up once that it’ll be a snap to do it all over again. Don’t fall into this trap. Take photos that detail how your electronics are put together so that you can ease your transition to a new home. This simple step will make your electronic installation much easier. Consider taking photos of any other items that require reassembly at your new home.


Hire Movers if You Have Fragile Items & Valuables

One of the top packing tips and tricks is to hire movers to pack your fragile items and valuables. While you might want to pack your family’s fine china, consider professional movers who have years of experience ensuring the safety of such items. Further, when professionals pack your items, their safety is ensured with a real insurance policy.


Priority Moving is Here to Help

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