Grandmother and Niece Happily Hanging Tree Decorations

Every family has a collection of prized decorations that they use every year for various holidays.

We break out the lights, decorations, tchotchkes, and other baubles we adore when celebrating our favorite holiday. Then they all must be packed up in anticipation of the next year’s glorious holiday.

Sometimes this collection is vast and includes life-sized (or larger!) lawn decorations, and some have so many lights that their holiday cheer can be seen from space.

Here are some tips to packing and storing holiday decorations for a move!


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that each box must be filled will items of all the same type.

Say, for instance, that you have a large collection of Santa figurines. Keep these sorted into the same box and label it in clear language that your future-self will instantly recognize.

It can be difficult to write on cardboard boxes, and sometimes you may be using a box that has printing on it. An easy workaround is to use your computer’s printer to print a large label that you can tape to the out-facing side of the box.

Use clear packing tape to cover the label so that it does not tear. If you don’t know which side will face out, print multiple labels and affix them to the boxes so that you don’t have to worry.

Storing Lights

If you have strings of lights, the last thing you want to do is to mash them into a box. Your future-self will not be happy when you find a tangled mass of holiday cheer.

Ideally, your lights came with a plastic item that you can use to wrap the lights on. If you no longer have something like that from the manufacturer, use a simple piece of cardboard. One great tip here is to cut a slit in the side of the cardboard for the beginning of the string. That can hold the lights while you wrap them around the cardboard. At the end, you can slip that through the same slit, or create another.

For each string of lights, place them in an individual plastic bag, or wrap them with newspaper. If you have lights that blink and other sets that are static, be sure to label the bags accordingly.

Protect Precious Ornaments

Some of us have precious glass ornaments that are the highlight of the Christmas tree.

Make sure that you wrap these in multiple layers of newspaper. Keep all of these ornaments in the same box, padded with foam peanuts or an alternative cushioning packing material such as bubble wrap. If you are thinking of moving in the next year, you will be glad that you have packed your Christmas decorations with such care.

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