What Military Families Need to Know Before a Move

Every family is unique and has needs of its own. This is all the more evident during the time of a move. Military families, in particular, need to be especially aware of a few items before moving.

Considering how often they must move, it is important to continuously be prepared. Here are 5 tips to help military families make their next move as seamless as possible:

  • Be Prepared to Move
  • Purchase or Rent Items?
  • PCS Reimbursements
  • Passports
  • Medical Records

Be Prepared to Move

Since military families must move so often, it’s important that they always remain aware of the possibility of changing locations. Each season, they need to assess their homes and try to get rid of a few things. While they don’t need to live a minimalist lifestyle, if they are thinking ahead to an eventual move, their homes will be less cluttered and they will have an easier time moving.

Purchase or Rent Items?

Since they never know where the military will send them next, it might be wise to rent things such as climate-specific sporting equipment.

For instance, a family stationed in Hawaii might decide that surfing is the sport for them. Before investing in a surfboard, they might want to consider renting one so that if they have to pack up and move the next month they won’t be stuck with a rather large item when they settle in a landlocked area.

PCS Reimbursements

The military has allowances for PCS moves, and military families need to be aware of the regulations as they apply to them. The military will reimburse families for a certain weight limit, contingent on rank and family status.

Families can also ship or store vehicles depending on where they will be stationed. If their vehicle won’t be suitable to the next location, or if it simply must be shipped, then the military will cover that expense. Military families can also receive partial reimbursement for temporary housing/lodging in their new location.

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Since the military is liable to ship families to bases overseas, make sure all non-military family members have passports. These can be obtained free of charge and they must include a Status of Forces Agreement stamp. Make sure that everyone has standard tourist passports for family vacations.

Medical Records

While the military is typically efficient in transferring medical records when service members move, mistakes can cause delays or missing files. For this reason, it may be prudent to obtain hard copies of your family’s medical records prior to moving.

All family members should make sure they have all up-to-date records printed and handy when moving. This is all the more pertinent for families where one or more members has a need for ongoing treatment.


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