Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes Like a Pro

Moving is hard. Sorting and packing all of your possessions is one of life’s least-desired chores. But thankfully, this also means that you are likely starting your journey to a new home.

Of the several ways to make your move less stressful, labeling your belongings is by far the easiest and will save you hours of time down the road. Trust us -your future self will thank you when you follow these five tips for labeling moving boxes like a pro:

1. Color Code Your Moving Boxes

You can use colored dots as indicators for where each box goes. For instance, yellow might indicate the kitchen, where blue might mean your son’s room. Place the colored dots on each panel of your boxes so that you can immediately recognize where they should go. Be sure to also inform your movers of the system so that they can pack the truck accordingly and unload it with maximum efficiency.

2. Use Fragile Moving Labels

We can’t express enough how crucial it is to use moving box labels for packages containing fragile items such as fine china and crystal. While we carefully carry and transport all items, we take even more special measures for fragile items. And when you’re finally moved in, you won’t want to toss your delicate antiques mistaking them for towels.

When you purchase moving boxes, you should also find stickers that label items as fragile and also indicate which side should remain up.

3. Label What to Unpack First

When you arrive in your new home, you will first want each box to go to its respective room (or to storage). But from there, you’ll want to unpack the most important and useful items first so that you can start living comfortably. Toiletries and clothing, for example, would take precedent over CD’s and trophies.

We recommend packing items you use daily or need immediately together and properly labeling moving boxes with a sticker or pen. This will avoid the trouble of opening up countless boxes to scavenge all of your daily necessities.

4. Print & Attach Moving Inventory Lists

You can’t get much more organized than attaching a printed inventory list to each box. This makes it easy to quickly find items and plan how you want to unpack each box. Printing inventory lists is especially helpful for belongings such as movies, books, and documents.

You can either opt for self-adhesive paper or simply taping plain paper to the box. Make sure that all corners are secured to avoid your lists being ripped off during transit.

5. Use Large Thick Markers

If you are relying on markers to label your boxes, look into getting the largest markers possible. You want your boxes to be easily identifiable from a distance. Especially if you have small handwriting, thick markers will help you write large enough for your movers to easily notice. You can likely find larger markers in a variety of colors, too, which will make for quick identification.

The real key to labeling moving boxes is to be consistent and legible. Using simple methods such as color coding can save you hours down the road. The more detailed you get, the better off you will be when it comes to unpacking. Remember: organized movers are happy movers.

Now that you’re all packed up, let certified Portland movers handle the rest.

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