A Couple Putting Coins into a Piggy Bank

Moving can be a rather expensive endeavor. It can also be time-consuming, tiresome, and tricky. It is optimal to use a moving service to help expedite your move though they can be costly. After all, they do take on a lot of the physical and financial risks involved in a move. So, it’s important to use a moving service if at all possible.

Keep reading this post to discover ways to squeeze a moving service into your budget.

Get Packing!

Pack as much of your own stuff as you can. Certain items like chandeliers or oddly shaped sculptures may be better left to the moving company’s team of professionals, but if you can pack the bulk of your clothes, dishes, books, and other items, you can save a bit on the labor.

Get an Estimate

Get an estimate on the potential cost of your move as soon as possible. When you are about to start the process of seeking a new home, simultaneously ask for quotes from local movers. When you can start a dialogue with a professional moving service early in the game, you will be able to budget effectively. Knowing this expense can help with your regular household budget. It may be a good month to dine in rather than getting carry-out on the weekend. Have friends over for a potluck dinner and save a bit on food for one night.

Liquidate Your Old Belongings

When you downsize your belongings, try to sell as many things as possible in a yard sale. When you are able to capitalize on your old stuff, you can turn that money around and use it for a moving service. Be sure to price everything at the full market value and don’t get discouraged if a larger-ticket item fails to sell. There is always Craigslist and if that doesn’t work E*Bay might be a good option for selling certain items.

Shave Excess from Your Budget

If your budget is still tight, but you need a moving service to facilitate your next move, it may be worthwhile to discontinue a few services in the meantime. Downgrading your cable television service might be one way to save a few dollars and increase your moving budget. You can also save money by cutting out excess car trips. Even though gas prices have abated a bit lately, if you can shave a bit by carpooling or consolidating trips, the savings may be worth it. Consider it a momentary inconvenience in the service of a greater convenience come moving day.

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