Moving to Another State

Moving next door or across town can be pretty straightforward. Moving to another state, however, is much trickier. Even if you’re moving from Oregon to Washington or vice versa, you’ll need to take many more factors into consideration such as time, cost, and finding qualified movers.

Thankfully, as an interstate moving company, we have plenty of experience and tips to help make your next move as seamless and affordable as possible. Keep reading to learn more about how to move to another state. The following topics are discussed:

  • Finding the Best Long Distance Movers
  • Ship Belongings to Another State
  • Don’t Forget Your Own Interstate Moving Trip

1. Finding the Best Long Distance Movers

While residential moving companies are easy to discover, not all of them can actually help you move to another state. When researching, make sure to visit each moving company’s website and read their reviews on Yelp to discover past customer experiences.

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Once you’ve found a mover, make sure that you understand exactly who will be handling your belongings as they travel across states or the country. Sometimes movers will effectively “sell” your load to other companies without informing you, leaving you to deal with several companies down the road. Ask your movers for a transparent plan beforehand.

2. Ship Belongings to Another State

For certain belongings, shipping can be an effective way to save some extra cost especially if you are in-between moving truck sizes. Once you’ve arranged for larger items such as furniture to be transported by your moving company, you might consider shipping small nonessential belongings by mail, Amtrack, or Greyhound.

Be careful, however. Large or specialty items can quickly become much more expensive in comparison to upgrading to a larger moving truck size. Some carriers also do not offer insurance or tracking, which are typically provided by moving companies.

3. Don’t Forget Your Own Interstate Moving Trip

Moving your belongings is half the battle when moving to a new state. Don’t forget that you and your family’s own trip should also be safe and comfortable!

Plan the journey as you would a family road trip. Even if you are only moving from Oregon to Washington, you might want to take it easy and break up your travel into two or more days. Remember to pack enough essentials to last you until the rest of your belongings arrive. If you are flying, you’ll also want to arrange transportation for when you land.

For even more traveling tips, don’t miss our recent guide on packing your car for a move.

We hope these tips on how to move to another state make your next move as comfortable as possible. We’ve helped hundreds of families make their moves easy, and we can help yours too. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation or if you have any questions about moving to another state.