Pink Piggy Bank on Pile of Dollar Bills

There is a lot of hard work that has to be done when it comes to moving a house and even more when it comes to moving an office.  There are many things to be taken into consideration like the mover’s fee, taxes and even legal and insurance fees.  Make a budget for yourself so that you will not be caught with unexpected expenses.  Some of the common expenses while moving are mentioned below.

Mover’s Fee

Movers will charge you for the materials that they use to pack right up to the transportation charges.  Here is a breakup of their chargeable fees:

  • Labor charges
  • Rent of vehicles – it can be large trucks or small ones depending upon the amount of things to be moved
  • Packing materials like boxes and crates
  • Distance to be traveled

Factors which Increase the Cost

There are certain factors that will increase the cost and so it might be wise to sell them off and buy new ones after you have settled in your new house.  Some of the cost factors are:

  • The weight of the items
  • The number of the items
  • The difficulty level of packing
  • The number of workers it will take to handle the job

In case your refrigerator is old, you can always sell it off and get a new one, instead of wasting money on packing and moving.  Throw out old appliances and old clothes.  It might not be worth it to pack them all.  Dispose of old toys and papers that you no longer use.  Taking only the stuff that you need will prove to be a big money saver.

Get an Estimate Before the Actual Move

Nowadays your can calculate for yourself how much the move will cost by just visiting the movers’ websites.  They will give you an online calculator which will contain all kinds of household and office items.  This way you can dispose of the things that are expensive to move.  You can even store the items in a local warehouse if the move is only temporary.  In case you are moving to a furnished house, then you can store your own furniture.

Other Moving Expenses

As mentioned before, moving is an expensive business and there are many things to take care of.  There might be deposits to pay for new service providers and new utilities to take care of. Once you have relocated, you will have to buy new appliances, groceries and may even have to pay for a new school for your children.  In case the move is from one city to another, there is the matter of flight tickets and/or gas.


Moving is costly but you can cut fees by taking quotes from various companies. Prices are competitive these days while providing excellent services.

However, do not just hire anyone as they might ask for deposits which need not be given. In fact, deposits should not be given and you can get a local copy of your rights from the local authorities so that you need not pay anything extra.

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