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“How many movers will I need?” This one of the most important questions to think over when hiring movers in Portland, Oregon.

It is never easy to determine exactly how many people are needed to complete a move. However, when you work with a team of professionals, you will find that you can never have too many movers. You also do not want to underestimate the number of movers you need and end up shorthanded, resulting in a delayed move.

Read about the magic number of movers needed to help complete your next move!

Count Your Rooms

Counting how many rooms you will have is a good starting point for determining how many movers you will need.

It may be beneficial to have a larger team of packers come to your home a few days prior to the actual move date, so that all of your items are ready to be picked up and loaded onto our truck. The better prepared your family is for the move, the fewer movers you will need for the actual event.

Get an Estimate

When your move is assessed and the total cost has been estimated, we can include the number of movers needed.

At Priority Moving Services, we can adjust the numbers to find the best cost point for you and your budget. Don’t be fooled by hiring only a couple of movers. This can accumulate to more man hours, thus a larger bill.

Hiring more movers for the job will equate to a shorter time. For example, a 3 or 4-man team can move in-and-out of your home faster than a 2-man team, handling your furniture and other loads.

Contact us for a free in-home estimate in order to get the best possible team for your move.

Schedule as Soon as Possible

The number of movers that help you move from one Portland home to another just might be determined by the day you choose to move. A lot may also depend on how soon you book the movers.

Try to get an estimate as soon as possible and then book your day and movers as soon as possible. This way you will be able to pick how many movers you want without the constrictions of a pre-booked day.

Since it is not always possible to book too far in advance, our team will work with your family to make sure that your move is handled by the very best group of professionals available.


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