Globe representing housewarming traditions from around the world

Once you’ve moved into a new home, you’ll want to celebrate. You might invite old friends, new neighbors, or family members. The urge to celebrate a new home is found all over the world. In fact, housewarming traditions know no borders.

All over the globe, different cultures have unique housewarming traditions and housewarming ideas. No matter where you move, this is your chance to make a fun first impression and be part of your new neighborhood!

Every Country Has Different Housewarming Traditions  

Housewarming traditions are found in nearly every culture. People love to share their new dwelling with old and new friends. There are many interesting and fun conventions people use to mark the occasion. Keep reading to discover surprising and unique traditions from around the world.

United States

Here in the United States, we have evolved our own housewarming traditions. Customary gifts for a new homeowner include flowers, baked goods, and perhaps a casserole.

More utilitarian-minded neighbors might provide useful information about garbage pick-up or have a list of recommended handy people for future reference. They might even provide information about how the neighborhood functions as a micro-community, including who all the neighbors are.


Italian housewarming parties often feature brooms. Rather than a subtle hint about one’s floor, brooms are a traditional gift that symbolizes sweeping out the old and welcoming the new. Other traditional gifts include:

  • Uncooked rice to symbolize fertility and hope
  • Candles which are given to bring light and warmth to the home
  • Olive oil intended to indicate a faithful marriage


Acorns play heavily in German housewarming traditions. The tradition has deep Norse roots. The Norse would line their windows with acorns to ward off evil spirits.

These days, people give their new neighbors dishes or cookware featuring an acorn motif. Here in America, we might think this is nuts, but your German friends will have a deep appreciation for the thoughtfulness.


In Scandinavian traditions, a housewarming is marked with special gifts, too. If you want to add a Scandinavian flair to a housewarming, include bread to ensure that no one goes hungry, salt so life retains flavor, and wine to bring everyone joy.

Scandinavians also give candles to new neighbors to wish them light and warmth through their dark winters.


In Japan, the newcomers are expected to provide gifts to their new neighbors. However, the gifts should be small tokens rather than grand gestures.

It’s common for a newcomer in Japan to gift small hand towels;  a humble but thoughtful gesture. If the gift is much larger, the recipient might feel obliged to reciprocate.


In Thailand, housewarming traditions are rather ceremonial. To bless the new home, the homeowners invite monks to perform special rites that begin at dawn and continue until noon.

After the home, and homeowners, are blessed, there is a feast. The dishes include curries and noodle dishes which indicate prosperity and hope for the future.

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