Modern Apartment Building

So, you’re finally doing it. Moving out and into an apartment.

Any first in life is a great thing, and landing your first apartment is among such achievements. You can decide what to put on the walls and all of the furniture will be yours. You can have guests over whenever you choose, and your neighbors will know you for who you are as a neighbor. There may also be difficulties, but that’s okay – they are worth it.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few moving tips for the first time apartment renter.


Don’t bring too much stuff. Apartments are small and it’s always difficult to arrive at a destination home to find that the mover has too much furniture. Consider the space you are moving to. If its a studio apartment, start out with a bed, dresser, and chair. That should be enough to get you started. Then, assess the space you have and add a desk or small sofa. You might also consider downsizing other parts of your life such as how much clothing you have, how many books you take with you, or whether or not to carry all of your decorations.

Discuss Decorations with your Landlord

If you want to paint your apartment, be sure to clear that with your landlord before you go buy gallons of ruby red. Some landlords actively encourage renters to paint their places, but some may also take some money from your deposit for such decoration. You might also want to discuss any other decorative ideas with your landlord such as draperies, nail holes for pictures, and any other idea that alters the physical space of the apartment. It is best to know up front what, if any, penalties the landlord may have for your interior design wizardry.

Know Your Neighbors

You have rented your own space, but you may be surprised at how much you really share with your neighbors. Noise level is one of the first observations when moving into an apartment, and also an important aspect to be mindful of when considering the neighbors around you. We also encourage for you to to meet your neighbors and establish a friendly rapport as early as possible to avoid conflict in the future. When you maintain open lines of communication with your neighbors, your lives will be so much easier.

Make sure to inspect all aspects of an apartment before moving – size, bed-to-bath ratio, amenities, freedom to decorate, noise levels, additional fees, location, and more!

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