8 DIY Projects to Complete Before Moving In

DIY Home Projects to Complete Before Moving In

Congratulations, you’re a new homeowner! It’s an exciting time. Making a new house a home is a great experience. But moving in can also be overwhelming.

Ease the transition by completing home improvement and maintenance tasks BEFORE the big day. Check out our list of eight easy DIY projects for new homeowners – a handy reference list of what to do before moving into a new house. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer moving from an apartment to a house, or a retiree ready to downsize, these do-it-yourself projects and must-haves for your new home will help the move go smoothly and let you settle right in. 

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8 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Do Before You Move In


Whether you’re freshening up a space, touching up trim, or personalizing a color scheme, there’s no better time to paint than when a room is empty of furniture and decor. Take advantage! Paint your home’s interior before moving in and save time, effort, and money.


Leave major floor upgrades to the professionals. But you can quickly and easily transform the look of a room with low-cost DIY flooring. Use stick-and-peel flooring options for smaller spaces like laundry rooms, kids’ playrooms, or small bathrooms. Like painting, laying a floor before moving your things in will be less hassle and work. (Tip: Paint walls and ceilings first, then upgrade floors.)


Even a move-in-ready space can use a once-over before you take occupancy. Clean from top to bottom in each room. Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms, including appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Clean light fixtures and outlets. Now is a great chance to get windows and screens sparkling clean inside and out before hanging window treatments. Dust and clean shelving, including closets and built-ins. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors and carpets. Head outside and sweep entrances, exterior sidewalks, patio or deck, and the garage.

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Shelving & Storage

Line shelves and drawers in your newly cleaned kitchen and bathrooms with fresh shelf paper. Thinking of custom bookshelves for the living room? Want to add closet storage? Mount and install shelves and storage units before moving in. Knowing where things will go in your new home will help you declutter, pack and organize for the move – and make unpacking a pleasure!


Install or update weatherproofing around your new home to prepare for hot and cold weather and keep utility bills in check. It will be easier to get to spots vulnerable to drafts or exposure without furniture, décor, and window coverings. Weatherstrip doors and windows, place insulation in exterior facing outlets, seal cracks and gaps with calk, install storm windows, inspect attic insulation, and clear out gutters.


Check and clean or replace filters throughout your home pre-move-in, including the HVAC, range hood, fridge water, and dishwasher filters. Then make a note of when each filter should be maintained next (e.g., HVAC every 1-2 months, fridge water every 6-12 months). Your move-in date will provide a helpful marker.


Proper fencing keeps kids and pets safe and ensures privacy. Get a head start before moving in. If you have an existing fence, inspect it carefully for any needed repairs. If you’re going to install fencing, be sure to plan ahead. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, fence installation is a big job. Take measurements, research professional installers, and confirm whether your new fence will require any permits.

Safety & Security

Take steps to keep your new home safe, secure, and protected inside and out. Load smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with fresh batteries and install fire extinguishers in key areas. Make sure entryways and pathways are well lit and clear landscaping from around windows. Consider changing exterior locks and then get extra house keys made.

Bonus Tips: Take time to get to know your new home before moving in. Learn how to operate appliances, where the main water valve and circuit box are, and any quirks about the house. 

And meet and greet your new neighbors! They can be a great source of information and recommendations for everything from contractors to community connections.

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