Happy Business People Moving into a New Office

When your business grows, often you find that you need to expand your offices. You may need a new space for a server, an expanded reception area, or simply more desks where all of your employees can work. When that day comes, and it probably will come sooner than you think, you will need to hire professional movers to help with your commercial relocation to ensure a seamless office move.

Depending on the size of the move, a team of pros can move your office over a weekend and have everything ready for your employees on Monday morning. We’ll discuss a number of reasons to why you should consider commercial relocation services.

Insured Professionals

When you hire seasoned pros you will have little to worry about, but nevertheless sometimes accidents do happen. Therefore, it’s always better to use a moving team who are covered by insurance, so that your prized desks and tech equipment are safeguarded.

The alternative would be to use your own people or unskilled movers, who are more likely to have an accident, and whose work will not be covered. Always be certain that your commercial assets are backed up with an insurance plan.

Storage Facilities

Storage is sometimes an issue in a move, and the best commercial moving services have space for you.

If, for instance, your new office space still hasn’t been painted, you can hold items in storage until the space is ready. You can also use storage as a means of organizing the move.

Alternately, you might want to organize all of your desks in the new space prior to installing of your computers. Storage can be used to create these incremental stages to facilitate your move.

Complete Move-in Services

It’s one thing to pack and move everything in the office. It’s another to set everything up again.

Commercial moving experts can be called on to help you set up the new space just as you like it. They will organize all of your furniture, files, and electronic equipment, so that it goes exactly where it needs to. They can assemble desks and arrange them exactly as you like, and every worker will find their computer exactly where it needs to be.

Professional movers even help set up your data center and will install any other high-tech items you may have, such as AV equipment in the conference room. They can even install the fridge and any other kitchen items your office deems necessary.

About Priority Moving Services

Priority Moving Services is proud to be Oregon’s highest-rated moving company since 2006. Our friendly staff and movers are willing to help you and your business during every step of the moving process for a seamless transition. Learn more about our commercial moving services or contact us today for a free moving estimate.