Elderly Parents Happily Moved Into New Home

Typically, as we enter our middle-age, our parents are entering their retirement years and are in need of adjusting their living situation.

They may enter retirement communities for assisted living, purchase small condominiums or spend a few years on the road in an RV. Some may even move in with their adult children.

Whatever the circumstance, we have prepared a checklist for moving elderly parents into their new home.


Prior to the big move, talk with your parents about downsizing.

Downsizing allows you to carefully evaluate each and every item before categorizing it into the keepsakes, donations or trash pile.

Many items can be sold at a garage sale or donated to a local charity. Belongings that hold more sentimental value can be moved into storage or passed down to a new owner.

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Safety First

Keep long-term health and safety in mind when helping your parents find their next home.

While your parents might be able-bodied now, they may not be in the future. Make sure their shower is equipped with grab bars and their master bedroom is found on the main floor.

If they are moving into a condo or apartment, make sure the unit is on a single floor and that there is an elevator for upper-level units. Other accessibility features such as levered door handles, soft-slam cabinetry, and lowered countertops can also be considered.

Open Communication

Moving in the later years might bring up a lot of emotions for everyone involved.

Your parents may have stayed in their homes for decades. Their previous residence might have been your childhood home. Thus, everyone is liable to have a lot of emotion tied into this move.

Keep lines of communication open between yourself and your parents. Involve your siblings, if you have any, as they may have valuable input.

Get a Head Start

If there is no pressing need to sell the house and move, take your time. Sort through the old house in stages. Donate or sell items as needed, and do deep cleaning as you go.

When it finally comes time to sell and move, you will be so glad you got such a great head start. Further, the transition will not be as jarring for your parents, nor for you.

Prepare for a New Life

If you are moving your parents to your town from far away, try to make them as at home as you can.

Prepare lists of resources they might find handy. You know your parents pretty well, so you should be able to find at least a few outlets for their creativity and sociability.

There will be a period of adjustment, for sure, but with a little helping hand they’ll acclimate to their new environment in no time.

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