Women Smiling in Cardboard Box Fort

When you are looking to move, there never seem to be enough of them. When you are done moving, you can’t get rid of them quickly enough.

What are we talking about? Moving boxes!

They are the commodity that wears out its welcome as soon as it has filled its purpose. However, there are many ways to repurpose moving boxes after your move is done.

Keep reading to discover 7 creative ways you can repurpose moving boxes.


Indeed, boxes make for great storage. Keep your winter sweaters or summer togs stowed during their off seasons, or use the boxes to stow temporarily-unused garden tools.

Add a durable plastic bag inside the box to safe-keep your belongings. If the boxes start to wear out, you can bolster them with duct tape for added reinforcement.

Play Forts

You could store toys in moving boxes, but your kids might have a blast turning the old boxes into a toy-making project.

Boxes make for great forts, tunnel systems, and anything their imaginations can concoct. You never know, moving boxes might even inspire a career in architecture or civil engineering.

Crafts & Decoration

Moving boxes are made from sturdy cardboard that can be cut into various shapes, painted, and displayed for years.

You can create a variety of shapes and arrange them in layers to create an interesting 3D design that can decorate a child’s bedroom, your office at work, or even your very own living room. Experiment with your creative side and see what you can make.

Weed Control

Cardboard boxes are great for gardeners who wish to get rid of weeds.

Remove all packing tape from your boxes, and then lay them flat over the weedy area you wish to address. Then, top the cardboard with wood chips, mulch, or whatever you choose. Without sunlight, the weeds will soon wither and die, freeing space for your prized flowers or delicious edibles.


Take your old boxes and fill them with lawn clippings, dead leaves, and other debris.

During autumn, you might flatten them out and use them to gather the leaves you rake from the lawn. Then, you can drag the leaves and cardboard to a suitable place and let it all break down into usable mulch.

In a few months or so, you should have a new source for soil. To speed the process, you might add coffee grounds and find some worms to inhabit the wet leaves.


You can use your moving boxes as planters for herbs, sprouts, mushrooms, or even tomatoes.

If you’d prefer to cultivate your harvest in the garden, you can still repurpose your cardboard boxes to cultivate starts. You can sprout your zucchini plants before the weather turns warm so that you have small plants all ready to go.


Teacher use boxes for all sorts of projects and churches need them, too. You can ask around to your favorite local charities to see if they have a use for the boxes or put an ad on Craigslist.

If you advertise them for free, you are sure to see those extra boxes leave your life as quickly as they entered it. You can also read our post on recycling moving boxes after a move.


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