Person Laying Down Under Moving Boxes

Moving day is often a community event. We recruit family and friends to come help with the moving and packing.This can be a lot of fun and a good way to connect with good friends.

However, it really is better to let your friends throw you a moving away party or to help you decorate your new home than to have them help you move.

Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid having friends help with your next move:

1. Your friends need to remain as friends

Imagine if your friends accidentally break a set of fine china, or if they smash a wall with your heavy dresser. They aren’t trained movers and are probably doing their best. To avoid any undue stress in the friendship, seek out professional movers.

2. Your friends may not be available

Though they have scheduled to help you out, your friends have lives that can include some spontaneous interruption. Their children may get sick, or their sitter might back out at the last minute. A professional moving company can quickly find a backup for a worker who is sick or otherwise unavailable. Don’t get caught shorthanded on moving day.

3. Injuries can ruin the day

Your friends may be strong and willing, but that does not mean that they are above injury. The last thing you want is for a friend to pull something or to herniate another thing while trying to help you. Not only does this call into question the liability issue, but it can harm your friendship. Friends and injuries should not mix, much less on your property or while helping you move.

4. Friends are not insured

If your friend drops a box of dishes or breaks your television set while moving it, there’s nothing you can do but take the loss. A professional moving team will have insurance so you have recourse in the event of an accident. Further, a professional moving team has the experience and know-how to properly pack your delicate items and knows how to properly arrange them in the truck to best avoid breakage. When it comes to moving and packing, there is no substitute for a team of pros.

5. Your friends don’t have the experience you need

So, let’s say you want to bring a bed into an attic room, but the staircase is narrow and steep. Then, there’s a 90-degree turn at the top. It’s like Tetris if that game were created by a diabolical genius. Your friends may be geniuses in other areas, but they likely won’t be able to face the problem with the efficiency of an experienced team. To make your move go quickly and smoothly, call a professional moving company.

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