Happy Young Couple Celebrating Move with Champagne

It doesn’t matter whether it involves a one-bedroom apartment or a spacious country ranch, moving is always a tough cookie to crack. Nobody gets it right all the time.

There are so many things to keep track of; you can be forgiven for making the odd mistake here and there. But if you are careless or unlucky or both, you could end up paying a heavy price.

Why take the risk when you can avail the services of people who are far more experienced in the art and science of moving people’s stuff, across cities and states, day in and day out? Surely that would take a weight off your shoulders and leave you free to sit back and relax, right?

Well, yes and no actually. And here is why:

Finding the ideal moving company

To begin with, there is this little issue of finding a reliable mover. When it comes to relocating to Portland, OR, (or any other city for that matter) it is always advisable to look for local movers in Portland for best results. Local companies know the neighborhoods and roads better and will be able to negotiate the whole transporting process in a hassle-free manner. Referrals from your friends and relatives who have used Portland movers in the past could give you a good idea on the subject. Also keep the following questions in mind when looking at prospective choices among local movers in Portland:

  • Are they properly insured?
  • Do they have their own vehicles and equipment?
  • Do they have secure warehousing for overnight storage?
  • Do they have proper licenses?
  • Do they offer proper on-site inspection before quoting estimates?

Don’t leave things for the last minute

Hiring a reliable mover is only a part of your job done. There is still a lot of “homework” to be attended to before you can put feet up and relax. For starters, always plan ahead. Try not to leave important things like contacting your local movers in Portland until the last moment. Not only does it lead to unnecessary rush, you might even be unable to secure the services of the company you seek. Especially in spring and summer seasons, there is a high demand for quality movers’ services all over the country. All your choice movers might be booked up fully and unavailable if you don’t call them up in advance yourself.

Packing is more important that you think

The question regarding packing is quite a significant one. The primary question is whether you want to take care of it on your own or leave to your local movers in Portland. This is significant because packing stuff on your own might void the transit warranty provided by most movers. They won’t cover for any damages in transit unless they are involved in the process of packing themselves. Also if your movers are to take care of the packing, it is always safer to give them advance notice if you want the moving to go ahead on schedule. Qualified professional movers will take their time with packing things securely. Avoid leaving packing until the last day at all costs.

Learn to let go

Everyone accumulates a lot of unwanted stuff over the course of time. Often, moving is the ideal time to get rid of all the unwanted stuff that has built up in your basement or attic or closet over the years. The average mover will charge you by the hour for services rendered. More stuff means more work. So by that logic, it actually pays to let go and throw away old and unwanted furniture, appliances and such heavy stuff before calling in your movers.

Be aware of the mover’s policies

Each moving company has their own policies regarding insurance, warranties and service fees. Always make sure that you clear out these details in advance before hiring your local movers. Especially in the case of estimates, ensure that the movers send somebody across in advance to look over your stuff and quote their rates.

Any misunderstandings can only lead to problems later on and you might end up paying more that you expected. Engage actively with your mover to have the best experience while moving to Portland.