Man struggling with his moving mistakes

When you’re moving all of your worldly possessions to a new home, mistakes are bound to happen. But rather than resorting to trial and error, why not just learn from the experiences of others?

That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 moving mistakes we constantly see from the first time and experienced home movers. We’ll also show you how to avoid each in order to  make your next move as stress-free as possible:

  1. Thinking DIY will save you money
  2. Not considering movers insurance
  3. Thinking everything can be packed the same way
  4. Neglecting to downsize your belongings
  5. Not planning for the actual moving day


1. Thinking DIY will save you money

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about frugality. That’s why we customize our moving services to provide only what you need – and nothing less. But attempting to save money during a move can often lead to some of the most expensive mistakes.

Not investing in standard moving services is the biggest misstep for some. Our trucks are designed to haul heavy loads and our experts have years of experience in arranging belongings to prevent damage. Mini-vans and trucks can suffer expensive damages from improper loading techniques. Or worse, your priceless antiques or beloved furniture pieces can get destroyed.

Not only does investing in moving services avoid considerable risk, but it also pays dividends in your ability to relax during your big move.


2. Not considering movers insurance

This is a moving mistake that can be easily avoided. When you’re interviewing movers, it’s important to verify if they’re insured. If they are, discuss what their professional liability insurance covers. Be aware that it probably won’t cover items such as house plants, jewelry, fine art, or other sensitive items.

For instance, if you have a large collection of vinyl records you might want to move them separately. Take stock of your valuable items and determine what you will be moving on your own. Be wary if a mover claims that their insurance covers all household items. It is always better to be safe than sorry!


3.Thinking everything can be packed the same way

We understand how tiring moving can be, especially when it comes to packing. At the end of the day, you might feel tired and start throwing everything in a box. This is a major moving mistake!

Here are a few tips to help keep your packing mistake free:

  • Certain items belong together, such as books and clothing
  • When packing by room, try your best to keep those items together (easier to unpack)
  • Protect your valuables and fragile items (bubble wrap and label appropriately)
  • Don’t forget to check the weight of the moving box, make sure it’s not getting too heavy

When you start packing up your home, it is always best to err on the side of caution. If you have any doubt that an item may need more protection, add it! If you feel like your belongings are precariously packed in a box together, adjust and reorganize.

If you take the time to pack your belongings accordingly, the chances of items breaking or getting damaged drastically decreases.


4. Neglecting to downsize your belongings

Downsizing prior to a move is imperative. If you are contemplating a move, it might be time to initiate a downsizing protocol. This will make the packing and unpacking process easier and faster.

Make a schedule which specifies where you spend a few hours each week downsizing certain categories of your belongings. Doing this will help you stay organized, on task, and might make packing more fun!

When you have assessed what you can part ways with, make a major run to a thrift store, like Goodwill, or have a yard sale of your own. Sometimes, churches or other nonprofit organizations will take items off your hands for you to help with their fundraising efforts. Either route you take, make sure to get a receipt for your tax deductible donations!


5. Not planning for the actual moving day

Moving day can be chaotic and can lead to avoidable moving mistakes. You’re typically working under a time frame and stress levels are high. Having a plan in place will help ensure that moving day goes as smooth as possible. This is especially important if you’re moving with children.

If you have children, plan an activity that will take everyone’s mind off of the moving that’s in progress. Visit a park, mall, or movie theater near your new house or take a break to explore your new neighborhood. When the movers are done, you can meet them at your new house and finalize the move.


Here at Priority Moving, we understand the stress and confusion that can come along with moving. If you are having any doubts or troubles packing, or if you just want help packing your belongings, give us a call! Our experienced packers and movers are here to help.