Young Woman Calling to Clear Up Common Misconceptions about Moving

Our team at Priority Moving Services has helped families, companies, and locals smoothly transition into new homes and offices for many years. However, we often have to clarify misunderstandings about our services beforehand.

Read more as we demystify 5 common misconceptions about moving.

1. Any Moving Company Will Do

Perhaps the biggest misconception is that all moving companies are similar to one another.

During the research phase of choosing the right mover for the job, discover what offered services are most important to you. For example, if you are moving to the Oregon Coast, you can scratch off your list all of the companies that do not offer this service.

If you narrow down your choices to two or three companies, create a list that will cross-compare their services, insurance policies, moving vehicles and distance they are willing to travel for the move.

2. Packing Equals All or Nothing

Another common assumption is that movers must do all of their packing or none of it.

You should always have the liberty to speak to your moving company and tell them what items you want or don’t want to be packed. For instance, you may be able to handle your own toiletries, but you can delegate the task of packing fine china and vases for extra padding and precaution.

Discover the benefits of seeking professional packing services.

3. I’m Going to be Overcharged

A few bad apples have tarnished the moving industry by grossly inflating their fees at the last minute, and refusing to unpack items until the inflated prices are paid.

There are state regulations that ban this sort of practice. Still, this is not something you need to bother with, so research your moving company in advance, read their testimonials and online reviews, and ask the important questions beforehand.

4. Storage is a Separate Service

When settling into a new home or office, available storage space is often to first to go.

Fortunately, there are moving companies that offer secure and monitored storage for your treasured belongings. Ask for the dimensions of their small and large units as well as if they offer short- and long-term storage.

5. You Don’t Need That Many Moving Boxes

Far too often, homeowners will gather and prepare fewer boxes than needed for a move.

Although moving boxes are low-cost supplies, there are places to find free moving boxes in the Portland area. Repurposing boxes for a move are not only helpful for the next person, but it can definitely save you time and money from having to buy them again in the future.

Make sure to use boxes that are designed to carry a lot of weight and resist wear and tear.

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