Close Up of Circled Moving Date on Calendar

Everyone eventually has to move from one place to another.

We need to move to a new town for work, or to buy a new house. Perhaps we find a better, cheaper apartment that’s closer to work, or our family is growing and there’s a need for more space.

There are as many number of reasons for moving as there are families. Depending on your situation, you will need to determine a moving date that works for everyone’s agendas.

Here are some tips on scheduling the right moving date for you!


Summer Moves

If at all possible, move when the weather is clear. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, that means that you have approximately three days to choose between.

We’re kidding, of course. However, if you have a choice, try to avoid the rainy season. That means that it’s best to try to close on your new home or lease between mid-June and mid-September.


Move on a Monday

While most people move on the weekend, that means that moving crews, vans, and other services will be the most taxed on those days.

Probably the least popular day to move is a Monday, when most everyone is headed back to work. You might also choose Sunday, but when you move on a Monday, you are likely to have your choice of a moving van and moving crew.


Winter Moves

If budget is an issue, you might try to move during the winter.

That contradicts our earlier advice, but consider that everyone moves in summer because it is more pleasant. It will be harder to rent an apartment then, and home prices will be far less flexible than they might be in the cold and rainy season.

This is particularly true in the Pacific Northwest, where short, dark days and the rain put a real damper on the seller’s market, temporarily creating a buyer’s market. It is likely that it will be easier to arrange for a moving company during the winter, as well.

It is best if you resign yourself to having to move in the rain, but then hope for the rain clouds to part while you load and unload your truck. It has happened before and it can happen again.


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